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  2. Direct Modeling HDA

    thank you Alexey. I was confused at first. Any chance of tutorials on this? I am still somewhat new to Houdini.
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  4. How does align SOP work ?

    I keep on reading the doc and looking at the examples, but I don't understand this: "Aligns a group of primitives to each other or to an auxiliary input." The schematics is confusing to me, and so is documentation. What does it mean "align a primitive to [another] " ? Can someone provide an example of a non aligned group of primitives, and an aligned group of primitives ?
  5. Fully procedural, destruction ready building.

    Is it not allowed ? I did share it, because I feel like there's not too many 3d models that are actually prepared for destruction task.
  6. Fully procedural, destruction ready building.

    Technically an advertisement though.
  7. Thanks for your quick reply Andrea! I’ll try it later today and post the result.
  8. Pro tips for flip meshing?

    What it does is simulating the forces of attraction that are between molecules of water. This is particularly visible in small scale/macro water simulations, where you can clearly see that the water tries to stay together. A great CG example is this https://vimeo.com/336861798 . It doesn't look bad to me. I would listen to the advices of the guys before and maybe try to reduce and randomize the pscale of the particles that are flying by their velocity maybe or by the droplet attribute. It coul help
  9. Color Twisting

    Thats works! Thanks!!
  10. Ocean Spectrum Heigh Map

    Sorry can't understand what you need to do. What do you mean by the deepest map? Filtering the ocean spectrum based on the frequencies?
  11. Hello! First unpack your geometry before feeding it into vellum nodes, they see just one point. Second go inside the DOP network of the vellum solver. In the vellumsource change "Emission Type" from Only Once to Continuous, otherwise is going to take just the first frame. sphere_vellum_fix.hip
  12. Hello everyone! I'm trying to make a setup with spheres born in another sphere using vellum. So basically speaking, I have a Pop network shooting particles, then I feed it into a Copy to Points node and then to Vellum Configure. It works but the problem is that it takes only the first particle and ignore the others. I guess I need to update something inside vellum but can't figure out what's exactly. Can anyone take a look at the attached scene and point me out to possible solution, please? Thank you a lot in advance. sphere_vellum.hip
  13. Help[SOLVED]

    HELP Houdini 16. 0.504
  14. Genetic Algorithms in Houdini

    Really interesting and easy to follow! I am looking forward to the next part and would love to know what other applications you have found for this kind of algorithm. As a side note: Maybe you could slightly lower the screen resolution for better legibility and while you have chosen beautiful and calm music I would still just leave it out ; )
  15. Hello everyone, Recently I tried to create a completely procedural building, which at the same time is ready to be destroyed with Houdini and this is what I ended up with. https://vimeo.com/355676432
  16. Direct Modeling HDA

    I admit I am more than a little confused myself. I did buy DM 1.0 under the assumption that it came with a free upgrade to 2.0 (which at the time was supposed to arrive at any moment). Then, after what felt like almost a year or "it's coming very soon" version 1.5 popped up, and then practically daily updates, sometimes even twice in a single day which made the whole thing seem even stranger. Then, all of a sudden I get an e-mail announcing 2.0, but only offering a discount and not a free upgrade. Perhaps Alexey's mistake was not to name 1.5 actually 2.0, and then name this new version 2.5 or 3.0. I dunno, it's all very strange that's all. Personally I am not terribly mad, as a matter of fact I just wish there were more tutorials available rather than added functionality. The only thing that would make me upset is if 1.5 ends up not working with H18, and then we're stuck having to pay an extra $100 just to gain compatibility.
  17. Sop vex ptnum vs cvex

    this is not exactly the correct thread for it the original question was about the full definition of the cvex shader vs older context specific sop vex shader in VEXpressions of most Wrangles and other nodes you are not typing the full shader, rather snippet and rather than using pure VEX you have some extra syntax like binding operator @ that will help houdini to build the shader code properly so by binding the ptnum using @ptnum it will generate the arguments of the shader function as well as use ptnum in the code automatically so in your case the code will be @scale = set(1, random(@ptnum*321.45)*2-1, 1);
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  19. as someone who has learned Hou in forums and looking at SideFX-s early videos , I am very thankful to your precious contribute ! i can even now hear your distinctive voice in my head now .. LOL ! thank you for your first 25 years Jeff !! .cheers
  20. Procedural OBJ splitting

    I learned so much from this one: (timestamp to jump to the for each block). I had to watch that part several times, especially the spare parameters which are so useful if not absolutely mandatory. Spare inputs at the 0:51:50 mark
  21. Sop vex ptnum vs cvex

    i don't understand. does anyone mind showing an example of what i need to type in to get the point values to show up? i'm following an older "beginner's" tutorial that has me write the following into VEXpression of my point wrangle node: @scale = set(1, random(ptnum*321.45)*2-1, 1); but I'm using Houdini 17.5 and it's giving me the error "reference to undefined variable: ptnum" what is the newer version of the expression?
  22. Ocean Spectrum Heigh Map

    Hello everyone, This is a sample question for you about the ocean spectrum. I want to export the deepest map from my ocean (height map)... I can do that for the cusp int the ocean evaluates, but for the deep of the wave, i can't see how to do that... Thank so much guy!! :)!!
  23. To get a unique animation per instance from sops, you'll have to unpack the geometry. If you don't want to do this, you'll have to use a custom vertex shader, which is definitely not simple. Either way, the way I'd do this would be to generate some sort of stiffness attribute on the geometry, and then use that as a multiplier for some flow noise in vops.
  24. Transform packed fragments at render time

    I never did unfortunately.. Let me know if you do!
  25. OCIO Darker viewport

    Open the Color Correction bar (viewport menu "Persp" > Correction) and you'll see the Display / View being used in the viewport. My guess is that it's not set to the right view.
  26. Direct Modeling HDA

    My quarrel has ended. We found a solution, and Alexey politely took back his harsher words. That was a surprising and nice turnaround in the end.
  27. it's just the viewport limit displaying your volume as lower resolution turn it off and all your approaches will display correctly
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