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  3. Delete grains from existing hole ?

    @nuki Create a group of the points of the hole, then create a VolumeSDF SOP of the geometry group, then in a wrangler use the volumesample() function; correct ?
  4. Recursive Division of Primitive

    hey thanks for the info!
  5. Hey all, I apologize if this is a simple issue that I'm just missing. But when I go to apply a texture to my object in Houdini, like iron or something, it renders out as black.
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  7. Delete grains from existing hole ?

    In your case, couldnt you just kill them if they hit a P.y threshold? Otherwise you could create an sdf for the hole and kill them inside a sopsolver if the volumesample() of the particles P is < 0
  8. Hi guys, sometimes strange things happen on my Houdini, I know that it happen be cause I press keys acidentaly...But I world know how to do that: 1- I am into a Geo Sop, I press something and all the content of this node is transfered for another Geo Sop of network.,and my actual node stay empty....What shortcut do that? 2- Or I am modeeling into a Geo Sop, I use a poly tools but it affect a object outside, of a another Geo Sop. 3- Sometimes I can select object outside of the Geo Sop that I was working.. 4- Merge object of two diferentes Geo Sop, into one single Geo node. Someone know why and how it work, which shortcuts do that??
  9. Redshift motion blur issue

    actually found my mistake, i forgot to tick on velmotion blur under my redshift object tab.
  10. Howdy there!! Having an issue here. I'm caching geometry to be prepped for Custom Flip SIMMs. And I need sub-frames as Flip needs sub-frames for VDB volumes and caches of Geometry. I'm putting on LOCAL system and it works. But when I send them to server using HQueue it only replies the Frames and doesnot include any sub-frames. I've checked with all the available options but still nothing. Screenshots are here................... These two things I've tried in HQueue.... Any IDEAS... Thanks.
  11. Controlling pop fluid adhesion force with gradient

    Hello there!!! Ive checked your file and I dont think this will be possible with the Geometry too close to the ground. It'll happen only if the DistanceVolumeSample is more than the Threshold value that is rdist. I recommend using the color attribute intead than using the volumesample. You can create friction force towards the surface that can behave like Gravity but a bit less or it'll never fall. As soon as it gets closer to the Black areas then the effect will go off and it'll free fall. You can use the length of the color attribs to specify the strength. Kinda like.... Closer the Particles are to the surface more they are attracted and further away they fall. This is what I think. Hope it helps....
  12. Swap packed fragments via intrinsics

    You could try using the "op:" syntax to point to an operator in the scene. Never tried it though...
  13. Redshift motion blur issue

    alright, I'll try to update my RS version. That should do the trick then. Thank you
  14. Mist-Ground Dust Effect

    create various smoke caches and place them by hand
  15. Mist-Ground Dust Effect

    Hi guys, what would be the best approach to recreate something similar to this mist-ground dust effect for the mid-ground? Thanks Isy
  16. Mixing Position based on active frame

    This function return vector value [min.x, min.y, min.z] of bounding box coordinates of geometry and I take second element of this array min.y that is [1] index of that array and it has float value. When you use <string primgroup> in function you’re getting values for bounding box of primitives that in that group instead of all geometry. My example was for plane geometry but if you have geometry like terrain better way is to store @P to i.e. v@origP before for-each loop and to swap them back after when you need original profile of geometry.
  17. question about "Quaternion rotation"

    looks darn complicated, how bout this quat_that_box.hipnc
  18. Timeshift + copytopoints

    Ah, i tried saving as hipnc. I have attached the file, thanks for checking again Dami directions.hipnc
  19. EYE Network

    Hey Guys Ive been playing around with after watching the below video: I only seem to be able to make the start group a single point. I would like to make the start group the row of edges on the inner circle of the torus (hope that makes sense) The paths would then radiate from the inner part of the torus to the outer mimicking the design of an eye
  20. Timeshift + copytopoints

    can't open . @damighost guessing it's perfect
  21. Hello, When I run a simulation the blue bar always starts disappearing from the beginning of the timeline. As a result, I can not scrub all the way through my sim. Is this normal behavior or is there some setting that can be changed? -houdini version 17.5
  22. Hello, I would like to know if it's possible to allow more text to appear in the parameter interface for labels. I created this interface with the Edit Parameter Interface window.
  23. Timeshift + copytopoints

    Hi srletak! I had a look at your file and it is amazing thanks It looks a bit complicated to me (sorry i am only an intermediate user still) I am attaching my file , maybe you can have a look and give me feedback. Damien Directions from growth_001.hip
  24. Hi everyone, so currently I am stuggling with wedges in Houdini 17.0. The current setup is the following: My intention is to run a wedge on a pyroSim, cache it out with the Geometry ROP (which works), and then with each one of the cached wedge sequences render out a sequence of .exr with the Mantra ROP. In whichever way I connect them though, I can't seem to find a way for it to work - it only does with the geo caches. I hope any of you could lighten me up a bit on the matter. Thanks!
  25. Distance fall off

    Hi I am doing the entagma tutorial where he is blending from low poly to high poly object. In their example they are using a single point from a sphere to create the blend as in the image below . I would like to use a piece of animated logo to reveal between the two. Using bit of vex I found on this site I think I am getting the distance from sphere to each point on the grid but when I visualise it as Cd. It only seems to be taking a few points into account. What I expect is black circle around the sphere. Thanks finddistanceB.hipnc
  26. question about "Quaternion rotation"

    during made those things, I just tought "Should I have to make quaternion to matrix ?, then why are they saying 'quaternion is more efficient on caculating' ?? at last they has to convert it to matrix. Am I worong .. ?? The key point that I want to know is, 'How can I rotate object by using quaternion ?' I use box object as this node's input and it worked as good. but I want to rotate it by using quaternion .. I don't know I wrote right ,,, sorry for my English again haha
  27. question about "Quaternion rotation"

    I just tweaked a little bit and made tihs by using quaternion. but, is this efficient than upper one ?? Give me advice so I can make this properly please !
  28. "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9yoUkFzInA" This is tutorial link and I made this node with that. and I heard about quaternion that it has only 4 vectors so We can use it more efficient way to rotate object. But this tutorial's node convert quaternion to matrix at last. so If I want to use this node properly and I expected, using quaternion. Which part that I should change ?? Sorry for my poor English and Help me wizards !
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