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  2. Viewport bounding box

    Tha't it! Thanks
  3. Direct Modeling HDA

    Maybe you are not earning anything because of your pricing structure? You continue to ignore feedback from people who are your actual customers, who have bought the plugin from you already and have enjoyed the plugin - and now we are giving constructive criticism over your pricing structure and strategy because it is not ethical and quite honestly you just seem to be making things up as you go along. 'Closing the sale on Gumroad' is another perfect example of how you have the wrong attitude towards this situation.
  4. Hello! I am currently instancing a few hundred bushes from speedtree. I am wondering, what would be a "simple" way to animate the instances in a small manor? Lets stay I just want the bushes to sway back and forth with some kind of noise added. Anyone have any ideas? The animation would be per instance so I dont want to deform the instance. I only want to move the whole object in a "logical" manner.
  5. Split an object using points and normals

    So I've found a much simpler solution Copy grids on the polygon so that they' re oriented normal to the polygon, then use that geometry to boolean shatter the object.
  6. Pro tips for flip meshing?

    Anyone knows what does surface tension does actually? I tried reading the doc but couldn't get it.
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  8. Align object with a transformed version of itself

    Do you know if there is a list somewhere of friend SOP ? I mean SOPs that have clearly been designed to work with each other ? I' m using a similar setup all the time: Bound (with oriented bounding box ON + store xform attribute) with a match size (restore xform) downstream
  9. Had the pleasure to meet him in person a few times, great person! For me whenever old school people get back into houdini (or when people look at outdated tutorials) and need to understand "stamping" I always point them to the following video: "Geometry Workflows in Houdini 16 // Jeff Wagner // Illume Webinar"
  10. I think I found a way: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/61608/
  11. Hi all, I'm writing a little python script to change some geometry values and it's working only if I declare the parameter name. hou.node("../subnet1/").parm("L_ear_shape01") But since I've about 20 custom parameters (could be more), to be passed to a function, the current parameter should be returned as soon as I change it's value, either by sliding the slider or roll the mouse button over it's text field. If there is anything like this it would be great: hou.node("../subnet1/").parm( #CURRENTLY_MANIPULATED_PARAMETER# ) I tried the following code at the very top of the script, but it returned None once. hou.evaluatingParm Is there away to get which parameter is being manipulated?
  12. embed external file in hip file

    yeah it depends. to me it feels lenghty (and clumsy), especially if there is a one click corresponding function with sop nodes (lock flag). but anyways personally I dont remember ever running into a situation where i needed to embed a picture... P. S. of course i realize I'm just spoiled ungrateful freak and that it's great you can do it with hda
  13. The ray method works better than I thought, see attached file. Looks like a one to one match nr_foot_outline_yader.hiplc
  14. Direct Modeling HDA

    bobc4d, exactly. It was fully revamped and was not a simple update. Yes, I know it is confusion, but I'm not a swindler. Given the time I spend on developing the DM, I’m practically not earning anything with Gumroad and work on enthusiasm. Really, after talking with some people who do not understand the essence of the problem, I generally want to close the sale on Gumroad. Then I will not have to prove anything to anyone. PS People, who work in DM, do not bother at all, but only enjoy using it...
  15. embed external file in hip file

    not very lengthy, just create one Embedded asset and add all needed textures or any files into Extra files, then reference them as mentioned, you can keep adding more as you need
  16. Direct Modeling HDA

    Hey Alexey, so your FREE DM 1.5.XX download is actually DM 2.0 for current users of DM 1.0?
  17. Align object with a transformed version of itself

    Extract Transform SOP + Transform Pieces SOP
  18. Custom Menu ? (Python)

    hou.Dialog.setMenuItems() Is this the correct function for creating menu items for the user to choose between, and if so, what arguments does it want. Strings don't work ?
  19. Align object with a transformed version of itself

    Align sop?
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  21. Painting restlength on vellum cloth constraint?

    This is cool, thank you so much Tomas! Learnt something new today -Rohit
  22. spiderweb incomplete

  23. At some point, I have two branches, containing the same geometry, except that each connected piece on one branch has been rotated somehow in space. Basically it boils down to this: one geo , and a topologically identical, rotated version of the same geo. How do I compute the invert transform ? It's not like I can store the transform at the same time it's applied. It's done in uvlayout (on P) to pack the geometry on a grid, and it doesn't offer the option to store that information
  24. Procedural OBJ splitting

    Awesome that is exactly what I was looking to do!
  25. Procedural OBJ splitting

    hey, yeah that's certainly possible. steps you need to do: 1 - turn group names into a string names 2 - loop over names and pack each name into a packed prim (useful if you want to deal with chunks of geometry as if they were a single points) 3 - on your template points generate an attribute that specifies which instance number is supposed to be copied onto each point 4 - before copying the geometry on points, refer to that instance number attribute and delete all packed prims that don't match that number 5 - loop over the template points and for each of them copy matching packed prims check the hip file for an example. obj_instance_groups.hiplc
  26. spiderweb incomplete

    Just closed your add then added a polypath. Here you go: spider_v02.hipnc (oh and add a fuse after your merge before it goes into the vellum so makes it one object )
  27. spiderweb incomplete

    I'm trying to model a spiderweb but how can I connect these points ? any idea please ? Thx spider.hipnc
  28. @CLOSED would be the new syntax. You should also be able to use @CLOSED=1 in the group section of the node.
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