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  3. Animated Noise

    Hi The first thing that springs to mind is to use uv's that are unwrapped using the seam marked in blue. Layout the uv's so the long strip is vertical and then source your noise function from the uv attribute. While doing this step the x component of your uv attribute up or down according to time. this wouldn't tile however unless your uv strip went flush against the edges of the tile and you used periodic noise. If you could find another way to create a looping attribute around your torus, you could then use that to source your noise. You could check the angle of the vector from the center of the torus, creating a 1d value between 0 and 1, then remap that value so instead of going 0, 0.5, 1 it goes 0, 0.5, 0. If you then used that value to souce your noise it would tile and work alright. Both these approaches are similar, just with different wrappers. Best of luck.
  4. Setting the current pane/paneTab

    Hi there, in an everlasting effort to vimify my pc, I find myself wanting to cycle through the panes in the current desktop using shift+j or k, like you would see in a tiling window manager. For this to happen, I need to be able to set the currently "active" pane. In the python paneTab object, I see no method to do such a thing and I was wondering if I was missing something. Thank You My backup plan is to include this https://pyautogui.readthedocs.io/en/latest/mouse.html#the-screen-and-mouse-position and manually set the cursor position and emulate a click, but the thought of that makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little. As always, thank you for any help
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  6. Download the game dev tools which they come with Houdini and use the path deform, there is not need for the wire deform in this case at all. pathdeform.hipnc
  7. Animated Noise

    All this fx that you are asking around, a lot of them can be easily accomplish with MOPs. Take a look https://www.motionoperators.com
  8. Merging nodes not combined ?

    Why in the Composite view, the merge node is not showing the result of all the shapes combined ?
  9. BSDF with Uniformed Lighting

    I'm laying BSDF within a material builder but I'm not getting a uniformed look as one would using the principal shader ? When the camera changes, the object is nearly completely invisible or partially invisible and I would like to know what is the cause of this.
  10. Material into COPS as Image ?

    @StepbyStepVFX I have the attribute exported in VOP's where I want to export in the Material VOP Network but where do I read this attribute into COPs as the first question ? I assume the render COP won't write images but will read directly the result of the baked attributes as an image ? There is also how to bake out displacements \ VDM as an image, I can't write out an attribute of both the Position and Normals; to get the black and white or VDM ?
  11. Flip Collision [ Solve ]

    Hi: I think Houdini likes VDBs for collision handeling. Take a look at this tutorial:
  12. If you zoom 100000:1 on this funny gif ...inside its code in a pixel that holds secret everything that you need to know about Houdini ....
  13. Hello; Beside render message box, they put a funny animated icon. what is purpose of it? :
  14. Parameter Interface Toggle

    thanks a lot. I see, I should start with Python... but where to start outgoing from Houdini? Sorry for the late reply, was busy. Uhm, how I should integrate that? if I place a button on the control panel an paste the script (with parrmTuple changed to COPAN_CO_MAT (nodes name)) following error appear: Traceback (most recent call last): File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module> AttributeError: 'ObjNode' object has no attribute 'PANEL_CO_MAT' any idea?
  15. Conform one humanoid shape mesh to another

    Gael Kerchenbaum, a 3d artist sculpting animals, has showed us how to use it production, and he told us it is a time saver once you know how to use it. There are workflows also shown on TexturingXYZ on how to use it. https://texturing.xyz/pages/killer-workflow-using-xyz-and-zwrap
  16. Hi all, Ive recently started looking in to using the wire capture and wire deform SOPs, all is going well however, when deforming on a simple bend i am having to compromise between mesh curvature and stretching Uvs. It seems that toggling between "Align Tangent only" and "Align Tangent with Att Normal" on the wire deform gives me these two different effects. My question is, is there a way to achieve a deformation that effectively smooths out the aligned tangent? (i thought maybe setting my normals as tangent u and smoothing them would help but it has no effect.) Aligned tangent only - Aligned with Att Normal - Thanks all! WireDefromIssue.hip
  17. Animated Noise

    i want to animate my noise in following direction any suggestion..?? Noise.hipnc
  18. Conform one humanoid shape mesh to another

    I wasn't hopeful, because I had a good dig around. Ideally, I'd like to be able to define a few key points, and then have the mesh project as closely as possible whilst still retaining some of the original volume. I'll look into link you provided. Might lead somewhere. Thank you for that. EDIT:: Yup, that link looks like exactly the thing. Shame it doesn't exist in H. I can't justify buying more software, but I'll certainly test it out with their trial.
  19. Hello; Please take a look at image bellow. I have some questions about texture browsing in Houdini: 1) In texture path, how can I reset image history? 2) Is there any option to browse COPs oprators (like CTRL + Click on file browser)? Thanks.
  20. Material into COPS as Image ?

    Maybe use a Bake texture ROP, and output the various attributes of your VOP ? Then import the files into COPS or use the render COPS ? https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/23239/
  21. how to make Mesh growth Transformation

    Please open like bellow, it includes hip file too:
  22. How can I bring in a material VOP network into COPS as an image ?
  23. HDA Viewer state node?

    Hello, I'm trying to create a digital asset that allows the user to user a paint curves on the surface of the input geometry. How would I set the the viewer state of the HDA to that of the paint node inside in the HDA's network? Thanks!
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  25. Pyro velocity

    hy, im having trouble with some easy pyro sim. i have an animated object, emitting smoke (0,-1,0) direction wich is working fine until it starts to moving, the smoke deforms by the speed, wich i dont want to. i want to keep the smoke direction strictly. any idea to fix it? pyro_test.avi pyro_test.hip
  26. StepbystepVFX, this is absolutely amazing!!! Thank you so much for this!!! It sure helps a lot, and yes I need to do it procedurally as I load up an obj sequence. Having a lot of ways to fine tune this is also incredible, just what I need. catchyid and Whatsinaname, thank you for replying, I appreciate your input!
  27. Conform one humanoid shape mesh to another

    Are you talking of something like R3DS Wrap / ZWarap plugin of ZBrush ? https://www.russian3dscanner.com/ I guess Houdini does not offer something like that out of the box (not that I know of). You can nevertheless project a mesh on another based on normals, or maybe using UV matching if both your meshes have similar UV... but not similar features as Wrap where you can feed the algorithm with a few targets points to guid the wrapping.
  28. Does anyone know if it is possible in H to conform one humanoid mesh to another? I'm really looking for a procedural method for aligning dimensions and orientation of a destination mesh with a base reference source mesh. I don't think I need a morph SOP, because the destination needs to retain some (or perhaps most) of its own identity, but needs to conform the general object space that the source mesh occupies. Blender offers a sort of shrink wrap function that projects vertices from source to destination, but I'm not convinced this will do what I'm after. Any ideas on this from the community? Just a point in a general direction would be a good help. I'm quite new to H, so I know there is a steep hill ahead and I've got my hiking boots on! Thanks.
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