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  3. Paint splash

    oh wow this is exactly what im looking for. Thanks for the help i had no clue what it was called
  4. Midi Chops

    Hi srletak ! Thank you very I'll check if I can find something useful for my project in this. What I really need is note on and note off datas I think to be able to create a trigger for each note plaid. I don't really understand how to use lex.ikoon midi kit but maybe I can find this in it ? Thank you !
  5. Paint splash

    Do you just need a wet map, or do you want to recreate the Substance dynamic brush where you paint with particles ? For getting wet maps, you can find plenty of tutorials on google : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEeZ6a56kC8 and : https://vimeo.com/channels/pqhoudini/285813013
  6. Paint splash

    Hi guys, Im really in need of some help here. Im trying to find a way to paint a mesh using flip fluids. The idea was to have an alpha of where the fluids collide with the mesh to then use in compositing to reveal a texture. However ive been lookin everywhere an cant seem to find how to extract this information. Here is an example of its use in substance painter Thanks for your help guys,
  7. CHOPS question

    In limit check (clamp and normalize) and try delete node(for one channel) on the top of all... or just post file and someone gonna help.
  8. Creating bubbling lava

    Ahhhh, okay! I got it. Thanks so much. This is so helpful. I felt like I was getting the hang of some Houdini stuff after my last project but there are just so many components to figure out. Thanks again, man. I really, really appreciate it!
  9. Mantra Renderer Problem

    I've found the reason, a bad alembic cache. /end
  10. Yesterday
  11. CHOPS question

    I am working on an audio driven animation using a spectrum and trying to pump up my higher frequency spectrum so it activates as much as the bass lines, but I am struggling with a method. I am currently trying to use a Trim to cut out the lower register, then use a math node to multiply the values, then add them back in. Unfortunately the Trim node is setting the area outside the Trim section to an extension of the minimum and maximum values, but when I try to add the output of my Math node back into the original spectrum it is adding this in too, which is causing a stair step in the channel that I definitely do not want. It works beautifully, except for this one glitch. Help?
  12. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    I have this in my scripts/456.py file, maybe it works for you?: hou.setSimulationEnabled(False)
  13. CROWDS : Walking over other agents / Constraint Network

    Good evening, Following my studies on crowds systems, and a question from @jackassol about sticking ragdolls to colliders, I have tried to create constraints on the fly during the simulation, using Impact data. My first attempt being a quasi-failure (see attached testRagdollDynCon_v1.hip), I have tried with a simpler setup : a sphere rolling over cubes, and when hitting cubes, creating constraints on the impact data. You can see my test file attached as well : dynConTest_basiscs.hip This, again, being not satisfaying, I have tried with a much more simpler setup : 2 cubes sliding on a plane and "joining" where impact occurs. AND IT WORKS !! (see file dynConTest_basics_v2.hip) Now, I really have a hard time figuring out why my setup dynConTest_basics doesn't work... I am afraid this comes from bad matrix inversion / rounding errors (I use an inversed fullpackedtransform to bring the impact position back to the "initial object space" of the sphere). Does anyone have any idea on where the problem is ? Thanks for your help ! testRagdollDynCon_v1.hip dynConTest_basics.hip dynConTest_basics_v2.hip
  14. Mantra Renderer Problem

    I'm trying to render out a sequence using Mantra's 'Render to Disk in Background'. When I try to render the entire sequence it will complete the job in 5 seconds without outputting any images. But when I try to render the current frame it will complete the job in 12 minutes and outputs the correct image. I don't understand why this is happening and would like to get some advice. Thanks!
  15. Nike Vapormax

    Some simple RnD https://www.behance.net/gallery/87023883/Nike-Vapormax
  16. Houdini Pyro Clustering with many sources

    I did not explore your hda closely but I noticed that a cluster attribute creation is not correct. In dop network for each cluster is creating one instance of smoke object and you can see this in spreadsheet. One instance can’t share two or more clusters. And one more thing is that you are losing cluster numbers i.e. for this scene cluster 2 and 13 was lost. I would recommend to use a shelf tool for clusters and make it works with multiple sources and orientation and then, when you will be able to understand how it works, build your custom system.
  17. Midi Chops

    141 files its good starting point to learn chops.rar + this http://lex.ikoon.cz/midi/ + old file, Ex how from Propellerhead Reason midi out in Reason propellerhead MIdi.rar
  18. Oh nice. A simple math node with an animated "post add" works fine for wheelspins and braking. Thanks!
  19. ok...thanks. Didn't realize so simple!
  20. Change what needed, click on Gear icon > Save as Permanent Defaults or save as preset and use in two clicks.
  21. I'm constantly changing my default paths in cache SOPs so was wondering if there is a way to change the default values? ie I always at the very least change $HIP to $JOB and delete $HIPNAME from the path In the long run would add up to a lot of saved time.
  22. Midi Chops

    Hi ! I need to get informations from midi files. It was not easy but I finally somehow managed to get pitch data from chops and sort of build up custom triggers, but I'd really need to get more infos that I'd translate to custom attributes like note on and note off messages and had no success with that. You guys have any ideas ? Thanks !
  23. I'll often create another GEO node, use an ObjectMerge to bring in the geo_skin node. Drop down a transform, after the ObjectMerge to scale it. This also allows you to create a collision object from the geo_skin, as well. There is a Note, inside the HDA that explains that scaling is disabled because DualQuaternion skinning does not support that. So dive inside and read the notes.
  24. How can I scale a "Simple Male" character?

    Parent it to a null and scale the null
  25. Hi; I would like to scale a "Simple Male" character, but I can't find it's master scale parameter... Thanks for helping.
  26. Automatically fix mesh tunnels/holes

    It was also my idea my interpretation of what Konstantin described but i couldn't totally get, didn't dig enough into these part of Houdini... Could you confirm me it's the same idea? Also, there was a video from Sidefx and Unit Image which explains it if i remember correctly to automate their photogrammetry scanning pipeline.. ________________________________________________________________ Vincent Thomas (VFX and Art since 1998) Senior Env artist & Lighting & MattePainter & Creative Concepts http://fr.linkedin.com/in/vincentthomas
  27. Hi everyone, we meet a problem here. Our group are using Houdini to do the sand interaction effects, but we do the lighting in Maya. How could we do the transfer? For now, we just do the lighting in Houdini to try to match the lighting which we did in Maya. We use the Maya engine to import the sand particles from Houdini, but it occupied a lot of virtual memory. Is there anyone could help us ? We hope to find out how to solve this problem. Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to any suggestions!!!!!!
  28. How to drive smoke and blend shape

    Hi guys, I'm trying to remake this effect. I get the pyro source scatter by the Cd of the map, but dont know how to drive the pyro and blend between 2 shape. Hope u guys help me Many thanks
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