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  2. Hello, I have been trying to add a point to a vellum hair in DOPS using a SOP Solver so I can than later break it. I have not found a solution to this problem. Has anyone had this issue and solved it? Also I have been trying to remove points from a vellum hair. I t works well, but not when I use a Vellum Source Instance on points. Thankx delete_points.hip
  3. Tips needed: Very refractive renders

    sweet jesus! what res is that? can you post any kind of scene, I'm sure we can whittle that down to size
  4. Houdini to Unreal Tutor Needed (Fee Updated)

    did you ever figure this out?
  5. I used some animation from mixamo and made some vfx particles and would like to use either unreal or marmoset to render. But im having issues exporting everything..;
  6. Thanks willow! That node can give me more good result. It can't be compiled because of attribute transfer so it's quite slow in my large scale destruction simulations, but it seems to be one of the good solution.
  7. $JOB dependent hdas and python modules

    Bumping this - according to the docs, $JOB/hda should load automatically. I remember this working at one point, and now it isn't... has there been a pipeline change?
  8. Yesterday
  9. packed geo confusion

    ah that makes sense in terms of what i was seeing happen. I've only just started looking at intrinsic attributes for packed geometry but thats good to go on. Seems like packed geo almost has two hierarchies of being moveable - the original packed geo 'points' which you could translate around and then also the intrinsic transform which can do the full orientation and scale aswell. Still slightly confused but much less confused! Definitely gotta read up on that stuff some more, but i can see why the selection thing was happening now. Thanks
  10. Entagma's "Connect the Yarns" in Vellum

    Is there a reason it needs to be done in vellum? It looks like it's already running through dops.
  11. Anyone know good and safe Edge Detail way for rbd destruction ?

    try gamedev uv transfer?
  12. Nuke vs COPs

    last i check cops has no deep support. but i would love to see SESI steal the thunder.
  13. Emit from a geometry collision

    Hi everyone! I am currently looking for a way to make a boat to generates like a emitter... and making a little small splash at the bottom of its collision with already pre-simulated waves… I wish to use an Emit Particle Fluid, in order to generate a ripple motion around the boat. My problem is mainly to succeed in emitting a splash with the collision of the pre-rendered waves without the particles flying away... Many thanks again!! test_example_ripple.hip
  14. Flip Collision

    hello ./: I have two issue in Flip Sim , (Collision , Remove Particle) First -> when my Flip Particle hit the collider after short time removed why is that ? second -> what is better method for flip collision ? i guess my work method super slow . thanks Flip Collision.hip
  15. "btw what do you consider "huge" render times? Some people think that's 10 minutes" - I'm talking 10+ hrs on 16 cores
  16. Hi all, Is there a way to separate out a fog pass which is behind a refractive object?
  17. Transformation matrix object offset ?

    @CinnamonMetal Inverse matrix move object to origin {0,0,0} and align z and y axis of your matrix with global z and y axis, So if you haven't matrix of the object in origin point it's not back to origin position, because your matrix, created on the transformed object not aligned with global axis.
  18. Rotate Particles ?

    https://vimeo.com/288890436 You can do some matrix magic and use the Orient attribute. Jump to around 30:00 for a simplified example to what you need.
  19. how to make Mesh growth Transformation

    could anyone send me hip File Example ?
  20. hda processor

    Hi there. I have built a setup to deal with a production characters cloth simulation. I have packed it all into an HDA. So far so good. What I would like to do is use that HDA in tops. I put it in the HDA processor and all seems to work. Except with I generate the work items. It only shows up with 1 work item. How do I go about telling it it needs to run over the frame range? cheers
  21. Polywire uvs

    Greetings! I have a tree made out of curves. I use a resample sop to make the curves symmetrical in distance between points. I then use a polywire. I see that you can also create vertex textures with the polywire. This is what I've got at this time: So this looks quite nice.. HOWEVER the uv's are done per segement. So my question is; how do I normalize the uvs made from a polywire?
  22. Hi, I have seen this posted a few times but no clear explanation on how to get it up and running. I created a simple drop of water with a small crown and a single drop on the top. its client likes it but when I up rez it, the simulation changes. is there a way to up rez and the simulation not change. need some help, please.
  23. move points to coloured neighbours

    happy to help not in front of Houdini right now, but if you don't want to have them stack up you could either just use a point relax SOP (maybe only on the blue points) or not blend all the way to 1 (-> percentcomplete) but stop a bit earlier, randomized per point Depending on how detailed you need to go, you could factor in pscale (if present) but sooner or later things will break and you'd be better of using a solver
  24. Parameter Interface Toggle

    Hello,You can simply put this Python Code that i have made and tested with the same setup you have created. Below is the Callback Script to deactivate all materials and colors via the single click or disable toggle with tick: kwargs['node'].parmTuple('outside').set(' '), kwargs['node'].parmTuple('first').set((0.0,0.0,0.0)), kwargs['node'].parmTuple('inside').set(' '), kwargs['node'].parmTuple('second').set((0.0,0.0,0.0)), kwargs['node'].parmTuple('third').set((0.0,0.0,0.0)), kwargs['node'].parmTuple('burned').set(' ') Note: Please change the parmTuple name according to your node name. This Callback Script i have tried with the same setup or control box you have made. It's working with both Button and Toggle checkbox also.
  25. packed geo confusion

    I think that makes sense when you think of how Houdini does structure geometry : primitives are made of vertices that refers to points. The "position" of a primitive is the barycentre of its components (and is calculated like that under the hood, in a Prim Wrangle for example, when you use @P for a prim). A packed primitive is a "fictitious" primitive that contains only one point. So it makes sense that moving the point position moves the prim. And if I remember correctly, the orientation of the primitive is an "intrinsic" attribute of the prim, not the point. That explains why you need to be in Primitive mode for the select tool to orient it, move it etc.... I think you can read more about that here : But that is just my guess, I don't really have info about the philosophy the dev used when coding that :-) I hope it helps you a bit...
  26. How can I change Template node's color?

    Yes, this is the cool way to do. Thanks man.
  27. how to make Mesh growth Transformation

    i use divide node . but it only create hexagon mesh...
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