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  2. I would use it the other way around. I would make the collision surface have a lower particle separation and raise the fluid particle separation. It's har to say without seeing the HIP.
  3. Ground, ground, ground, ... and ground again

    Apologies. my last question was a bit vague indeed. Let me refine it: That image I attached in the beginning, a guy looking at a landscape. So there is the grid and the heightfield. I'll attach it again. How do I merge them nicely.
  4. So I am trying to put together a basic test scene for work. Just a box, a grid, a light, and a camera, and I cannot for the life of me get the lighting to render. pxr lights aren't doing anything, Houdini lights aren't doing anything. Nothing. The RIS node only wants to render the headlight. What am I missing?
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  6. Vellum cloth scatter issues

    Thanks HM - that solved the problem!
  7. If / Else group - VEX

    Hi Jack, This should work: float @stiffness; int @group_inside; if(@group_inside==1) { @stiffness = 1; } else { @stiffness = 1000; } or in short: @stiffness = @group_inside==1?1:1000; Cheers, Luca
  8. If / Else group - VEX

    while there are functions like inprimgroup() or inpointgroup(), whenever possible I like to use the shorthand @group_groupname syntax. So if you run over points and are looking for a pointgroup then your code would be if(@group_inside) { f@stiffness = 1; } else { f@stiffness = 1000; }
  9. Hey dudes, I'm trying to build a simple smoke solver from scratch to understand more how they work. I created a simple setup with density, temperature and buoyancy. Now I want to add a second velocity volume as a force to my simulation. But when I add the force, the velocity is increasing massively in a few frames. I have to mix my force with the existing velocity but I don't understand how to do this my_solver.hiplc
  10. I'd like to know the best way to use If Else type statements in Vex code. What I wanted to achieve: if( in the group name "inside") { @stiffness = 1; } else ( not in side the group name "inside") { @stiffness = 1000; } What's the correct vex code for this function Vex? I don't get this working. best jack
  11. Thanks. Still gaps in my full understanding of FLIP but wouldn't decoupling in this way mean that your collision resolution would be 'coarser' than the particle separation and make the issue worse? Just to clarify I've created a custom Voxel Size parameter on my Flip Object which is a product of Particle Separation * Grid Scale It is this custom Voxel Size parameter I am linking to on my Collision Source SOP>Volume>Voxel Size The problem seems to happen when I increase my resolution (reduce particle separation and hence voxel size).
  12. I have a simple scene with a direct light. If I add a texture to the light it does not tile the projection texture like expected. How could I achieve a tiling of the texture instead of just black color ? That would be very handy for stuff like caustics projection or whatever when you dont have extreme large texture maps. Thank you! Jon directional_lightMap.hip
  13. redshift Error opening the tile device

    Just look in your target render folder for images. What is happening is that each time a frame is rendered, MPlay uses a little more memory. If your frame sequence is long enough, MPlay will consume all physical ram and produce the Tile error inside of Redshift when it requests more memory for the new frame.
  14. That GTX is the low end of Redshfit compatibility. It should get you up and running. I have a demo license that runs fine on my GTX660. But continued support of these now, low end cards, may not continue. You can try out the demo and see if it works.
  15. You can decouple collision separation from particle separation. Run your collision resolution at a fixed value and your particle separation at another.
  16. Large Text in network view

  17. AFAIK the ONLY difference in the 2 attached simulations is that in the 'failed' one I have simply reduced my particle Separation from .05 to .025. In each case the resolution of my collision VDBs is directly tied to this resolution. WTF is happening? What should I try to fix this? I need the increased resolution. Pulling my hair out. Launchv11_025ps.mp4 Launchv8_05ps.mp4
  18. Question about proper way to animate your geometry when using for collision. If you animate some geometry and then use an Object Merge to bring this geometry inside another geo where you create your collisions (using either Collision SOP or VDB From Polygons) ,does this mean in essence you are recreating your collision VDBs on every frame? AFAIK the important thing is that your collision VDBs contain correct velocity values.
  19. Color into smoke from combustion

    Curious about other's workflows getting color into smoke from a volume source or otherwise from combustion. Coloring moke alone is pretty straightforward. I'm wondering how others are getting color into smoke derived from combustion. Thanks!!
  20. Large Text in network view

    Create a sticky note. Right-click and "Set Text Size" and "Hide Background".
  21. Ground, ground, ground, ... and ground again

    well you can do whatever you want to the grid. it can have any geometry detail. then you just apply megascans textures on top of it. as for how to merge it with the rest of your environment, it's a very broad question that is beyond the scope of a forum post, I'm afraid. there is dozen of ways how to approach such a task and it largely depends on what are you working with and what are you trying to achieve exactly.
  22. Ground, ground, ground, ... and ground again

    How does it fit in the scene? If I understand correctly I would use a grid, and apply Megascans using the bridge (don't know how yet, but I guess that's how it's done). Now I have a grid, with lovely ground, but it's a grid, displaced, it's still a grid. HOw does that fit with the terrain, heightfield, the scene? How does the grid merge with the rest of the environment?
  23. Hi, I saw in some tutorial large text and a his network view. Like a sticky node or network box. But i can't find anything on how do create a text box like that. Does anyone know? Screenshot below Cheers m
  24. Hello fellow magicians, I'm trying to better understand gasequalizevolume DOP inside FLIP Fluids and so far I haven't found anything usefull outside of the Houdini documentation and example files. So I tried to create a simple example file to test it out. So far, I can't seem to create one of the necessary fields for gasequalizevolume to properly work, the goal field. I used a gasmatchfield DOP and imported a pre-created fog vdb with the name goal, and nothing happened. To debug I setup a multifieldvisualization DOP and set the density field to goal, but it doesn't display anything... If some one could have a look at the file and point what I'm doing wrong... Also, if you any information or tutorials on this subject I'd be very gratefull! Thank you Gas_Equalize_Volume_RnD.hip EDIT: The Gasequalizevolume was wired in the wrong input. It needs to be wired into the volume velocity. Still can't get the gasmatchfield to work though...
  25. Ground, ground, ground, ... and ground again

    I would go to Megascans library.
  26. I've started learning, trying to remember its name, yes MentalRay, with Maya, Before I'm done there was Arnold, stoped MentalRay, started a bit in Arnold with Maya (started on Renderman as well)), then I moved to Houdini and found Mantra, started on Mantra, then I see people using Redshift, they say it's way faster. Now I can confidently say I do not know how to use one single rendered properly, I've been jumping from one to another, like following fashion. Before I jump to Redshift, not knowing enough about Mantra or any other renderer (Oh by the way, Mantra will go away, there is Karma coming), I'd like to know if it makes any sense at all for a laptop user with only one video card: Nvidia (GeForce GTX 675MX, 4GB)?
  27. Pop orient from source geo each frame

    Don't know if this will help you in your case but check the Rivet tool, I had a kind of same problem last week at it worked for me. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/obj/rivet.html
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