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  3. Mouse causing hand wrist pain

    My two cents, I raised my desk, lean my chair back and lower it, so that my arms lay on the desk and there is no bend to my wrist. I can work many continuous hours this way.
  4. Thank you for the example file, will look at that when Im back home!
  5. Crowd agent transition issue

    After playing around with the scene, the problem seems to be substeps. Your collider is moving very fast so it is actually passing through the agents, sometimes. The crowdsolver defaults to 5 min and 5 max substeps. Set the crowdsolver min max substeps to 1,1. Jump one level,and set the crowdsim dop network substeps to 5. This will cause all nodes, inside the dop network, to run five times, for every frame. A little slower to sim, but this seems to solve the RBD transition problem. ap_crowd_ragdoll_Collision_RBD_071519.hiplc
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  7. Renderman 22 on Debian/Mint installation issues

    Hey, there is an entire page for „shading a fireball with renderman“ in the docs. https://rmanwiki.pixar.com/display/RfH/Shading+a+Fireball Actually its quite similar to mantra and Arnold when it comes to volume shading
  8. odd behavior of carve / pscale

    @animThank you! You saved me from the sleepless night:)
  9. Script to resume crashed render

    Thanks. Do you know if the free version of Deadline has this functionality?
  10. [SOLVED] VEX: rotate vector by degrees or matrix

    Hi, ok it looks like you want to chain transformations. Have you tried to multiply the matrices? Quaternions can be another option if you have many operations ... . Check my example. It contains 3 rotations matrices which are applied on a geometry in a specific order. If you look into my example, you can see that the first matrix rotates the box around its diagonal line. If you apply the second rotation the box still rotates around its diagonal line, if you change the angle for the first rotation, but now in the transformed space. matrix_chain.hipnc
  11. fbx imported anim not colliding with flat tank

    Hi Gnarlog I was wondering if you may share a bit more on how the velocity magnitude can be increased? Ie process of setup of your animation. I have an imported alembic which I can compute velocity using Trail but not too sure how to mutliply the magnitue for the imported alembic ATM, I getting very little water splash on the upward thrust and for the downward thrust, I can't get any splash from the FLIP, it looks almost that the water gets sucked into the vortex that the whale animation has during downthrust. Thanks.
  12. to achieve that, you don't need VEX, just some years of experience ! And the second clip is simply made by theMill. So you will also need a team of ten people each with years of experience
  13. "For each" - Shift last keyframe

    If you want to get more procedural ease in/out you can use the smooth() with pow() functions easythere.hip
  14. carve will interpolate the attributes so if one point has pscale of 1 and second 2, then if you carve in the middle the new point will have interpolated value in the middle of 1 and 2 so 1.5 then if you base your random on @primnum both points will have the same value so even interpolated value will be the same
  15. Crowd agent transition issue

    Thanks Atom, Unfortunately that did not work. It's strange because it looks like it works for a frame and then reverts back to it's previous position all while keeping it's current state. -Kjell
  16. Daniele's Houdini sketchbook

    more RBD studies bullet solver / pop debris / pyro / advected particles
  17. Crowd agent transition issue

    In your Collision RBD file try setting the Transform Group of the duration CrowdTrigger to 'all'. That may solve your ragdoll transition problem.
  18. Crowd agent transition issue

    Hi Atom, First thank you for your reply. I know you know quite a bit about crowds! Weird, I have the units set to frames on the crowd triggers and they seem to be accurate as long as an agent isn't transitioning. Just double checked my attached file using Houdini 16.5. I find that no matter what trigger i'm using, the second trigger will not activate until the first triggers transition is complete. I attached the same scene but using seconds and a second transition duration as 0 and have the same issue. The agents should run at 1 second (frame 24) and then stop at 1.1 seconds. The real reason I'm doing this is because I find that I can't cause an agent to ragdoll using RBD impact while it's transitioning. Attached is the scene in seconds and a scene with the RBD example. Thanks again for your reply! Collision_RBD.hip Transition_in_seconds.hip
  19. odd behavior of carve / pscale

    @Atom Could you please explain why it works this way Looks like "carve" somehow messes with point numbers, I've remade it but instead of using @ptnum for pscale I used @primnum, and promoted it to points. And it worked. carve_q2.hipnc
  20. Hey guys, I'm having some issues with a FLIP collision, seems my VDB collider boundaries are affecting the sim, anyone knows what can be causing this? I'm using static object + static solver with a proxy volume as collider. Thanks!
  21. Crowd agent transition issue

    Read the help card on CrowdTrigger, Playback Time is in seconds, not frame. So you have 5 seconds, which is frame #120 (5*24fps).
  22. Script to resume crashed render

    There is also http://cgru.info/afanasy/afanasy wich is free and open source.
  23. Crowd agent transition issue

    Hello, I have a question about agent transitions. Right now it seems that agents will not accept a triggered activation if they are currently in a transition state. In my example attached the agents start running at frame 5 and should stop running any frame after 15. They won't stop until after transition 1 is complete. Is there a way to interrupt a transitions state blend to transition to another state without setting state transition duration to 0? -Kjell Transition.hip
  24. Script to resume crashed render

    I have a Render Farm script which takes a list of hip files as an input and renders them in the desired order. If the frame is crashed, it re-runs the render. Some sort of super basic Deadline. I guess it`s not that hard to change it for use in standalone mode (outside of Eve pipeline) if you have some basic coding skills.
  25. Script to resume crashed render

    That's basically what render schedulers are for. Tractor, Deadline, Hqueue etc.
  26. Hey there, I'm pretty new in Houdini and I'm currently working on my first kind of big project. So i've made this growing system (infection like) with a pop network and I would like to make ONLY my crystal melting (not the infection) once all the crystal is cover by the infection (i put only two points of infection in the file attach but they will be more), to get an effect similar to acid corrosion. I also would like to put smoke on my growing system/infection. I've already made all my elements seperate (growth system, melt and smoke in 3 differents hip files) but I have really no idea on how to arrange it together, I spent fews days to try to figure it out but i'm running of idea. Any help, advice or idea would be much appreciate, Thanks a lot, K.
  27. Hello, hopefully someone can help. I have a creature exported from Maya as an Alembic where some of the normals were reversed. I’ve blasted out groups of those points and reversed the normals, then merged them back in. It works fine on frame 1, but as I scrub time the point numbering changes, so the points defined in the group are wrong. Can I make the numbering stick so groups work? What would a Houdini artist do? I’m primarily a Maya artist in Maya the CVs ID doesn’t change. Could it be to do with how I exported the alembic? I don't have a Maya licence at home so can't easily re-export to check the options.
  28. I generally add pscale at the end of the loop. As long as pscale exists on the line, you'll have your problem. ap_carve_q.hipnc
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