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  3. Errors while rendering

    I use houdini 17 and while I'm rendering with mantra with default render settings Error occurs Houdini console shows " OpenCL Exception: clFinish (-36) OpenCL Context error: CL_OUT_OF_RESOURCES error executing CL_COMMAND_READ_BUFFER on GeForce GTX 1060 3GB (Device 0). OpenCL Exception: clEnqueueReadBuffer (-5) OpenCL Exception: clEnqueueReadBuffer (-5) OpenCL Context error: CL_OUT_OF_RESOURCES error executing CL_COMMAND_READ_BUFFER on GeForce GTX 1060 3GB (Device 0). OpenCL Context error: CL_MEM_OBJECT_ALLOCATION_FAILURE error executing CL_COMMAND_WRITE_BUFFER on GeForce GTX 1060 3GB (Device 0). OpenCL Exception: clEnqueueWriteBuffer (-4) " Any suggestion, please?
  4. Thanks! I got what i want to do!
  5. Hello! I was going to ask how to do this but I figured it out and so I might as well post this in case someone else has the same problem. If you want to source expansion for pyro in houdini 17, we don't have the fluid source node. Instead we have the pyro source. However, there is no expansion option for initialize. I remembered there was a shelf tool that auto-creates the nodes, so I tried it out. As it turns out (and seems confusing to me) you have to use the flip source then choose expand. Back in Dops you can use the volume source node and set it to expand also. Anyway, hope this helps-
  6. Yesterday
  7. Rendering Cola

    Here's my try at it. I reversed the faces of the bubbles, then merge them with the main/outer fluid mesh. cola.hipnc
  8. Contract A Rope (Vellum)

    animating restlength is the way to go, but you can't animate it in SOPs as that will not be reflected in DOPs so you either animate Rest Length Scale using Vellum Constraint Property DOP or if it's not just curve (rope), but actual ribbon band like in the video then you can use Vellum Rest Blend DOP to blend towards shrunken version, that will update rest lengths accordingly and result in contracting
  9. Contract A Rope (Vellum)

    Perhaps adjusting Rest Length Scale under Stretch could achieve a similar thing. It defaults to 1 which keeps points at their input distances, if you drop it below 1 it should cause them to contract. Edit: Doh, totally missed the last sentence! Hmm, maybe stiffness is set too high for it to properly contract? Vellum is very sensitive to scene scale, so the values for stiffness often have to be wacky.
  10. Get Alembic Animation Length

    You can use abc.alembicTimeRange(abcPath) From: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/abc_extensions.html Alembic doesn't use frames, but stores animations in seconds so you'll have to do some conversion using $FPS or something.
  11. Looking for Visual Effects Artists for the post-production of my short film, When the Rain Sets In, brought to you by a team from Oscar and Emmy Award-Winning productions. 3 Shots that need working on from our footage. We shot 3 plates: live, green screen, and empty. All in 4K. Everything is on Dropbox for viewing and would need the shots by the end of the summer. 1) Creating fireflies that move behind her at the table she sits at. She is unaware of them. 2) She transforms into a hologram. 3) A red heart vapour appears between his fingers. www.whentherainsetsin.com [www.whentherainsetsin.com] Budget is tight, but paid positions. The film will be entered into all of the Oscar qualifying film festivals upon release. Please provide reel and quote
  12. Uprez Pyro with multiple container

    Hello everyone. i have been trying to upresz my multiple pyro containers. how is it possible. not using clustering though. any suggestion and link would work. Thanks
  13. Boat on waves

    Hello everyone! I'm new to all of the simulations of wave and boat impact... But, i have read a previous post then was pretty interesting! That just here: https://forums.odforce.net/topic/28940-flat-tank/?tab=comments#comment-164200 After i'm trying to create this example, i have problem with my simulations... My boat doesn't produce a great whitewater and wave like this example... I share you my scene, i don't know why the boat doesn't push the water like the example :/ Thank already in advance :D!! Boat_simulations_geo.hip
  14. Simple RBD hanging

    here it is. I'd want to "transfer" the position/orientation/quaternion/matrix/xform thingies of the big sphere to Null2, so that I can parent Null1 to Null2. I would get geo1, geo2, geo.... to replace the sphere. ODD_transfer.hipnc
  15. Simple RBD hanging

    Now I've got a working rope, with a proxy geo hanging at the end of it. I'd like transfer the position and orientation of the last RBD (the proxy) at the OBJECT level, but I'm stuck so far. I found info about swapping from proxy to highDef with the node TRANSFORM PIECES, but I'd like to "parent/attach" a bunch of objects instead. I'm going to make a hip file to illustrate better.
  16. Hai, Is there a way to get the data of the length from a alembic? I have to run a pipeline where I export the exact amount of frames as coming in. THNX
  17. Perfect it's working ! Thanks
  18. Hey @Lyrops, if you use "return date" insted of "str(date)", it will work. import datetime date = datetime.datetime.now() return date
  19. Simple RBD hanging

    And again I found Gold info on tokeru.com !! http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=ConstraintNetworks
  20. Thoughts about this rig?

    Haha im building a similar rig right now, i also opened a post here and facebook group. Advises that people gave me from my post: 1. I've been told the same, take care with 4 gpu rigs, are a bit tricky to cool down. 2. Maybe wait for TR third generation (that maybe can't fit with u, since u are traveling next month) 3. Take care with Ram speed, seems that TR are capped at some point. And about cooling, i asked to a local bussiness and they told me to put a liquid cooling system for the full computer, but i dont know if will do the thing with 4 gpu, in my case was 4x2070.
  21. Hi everyone ! I'm trying to display the date with a font sop using python but I'm a total noob with using python. I've found some pieces of information over odforce but I can't make it work. So far I've manage to make python work inside the font SOP but the lines I'm using sending me "none" instead of giving the date. When I'm using the same script in the Python Shell it works. I feel like I'm missing something important but I don't know what. import datetime date = datetime.datetime.now() str(date) Thanks ! Od_PythonDate.hip
  22. Contract A Rope (Vellum)

    Hi, there's the new vellum FIBER contraction, might just do the trick.
  23. Houdini Flip SIMM on a custom wave mesh

    Hi Have a look at this thread it might give you some direction. cheers
  24. Thanks Sergey, just watched the vimeo and it looks really interesting. Thanks for taking the time to upload - I'll be looking to dig through your hip at some point too. Cheers!
  25. Hiya, Thwarted at step 0 of trying to use the crowd pipeline with my custom agents: Trying to use the amazing "agent from FBX feature", but so far, the rig am wrestling with does not export cleanly out of Maya. Given a simple run cycle, I (and much smarter people than I) tried exporting a "nice" FBX to no avail. The joints export fine, animation and all, but for whatever reason the mesh is frozen to a single frame (And that's just reloading the FBX to Maya to check the export). Will keep debugging the Maya side separately (This isn't a Maya forum, last I checked ) Hoping someone here could shed light on a few points: -On the Houdini side, what is the expectation from the FBX file format? how complex is the rig-skin representation? is the skin actually bound to the skeleton, or can they exist side by side? (geo cache and animated skeleton for manipulation by Houdini) -Are there ways to export separately then re-combine in Houdini? (abc for the mesh for instance.. stick to the FBX for the joints) Any help is much appreciated!!
  26. Puddle Crown Splash

    i think you should check out this forum. Especially the last post at 3. page form KarlRichter Good luck.
  27. Question about increasing Whitewater quality

    Have you tried rendering it? It may just be that your viewport is set up to not show the volume at it's full resolution. You could try putting down a volume visualisation node and setting max vis res to 1024 or 2048. If that fails, it'll probably be to do with the pscale on your points - If it's too big they'll just stamp in to the volume as big spheres and you'll lose lots of detail.
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