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  2. house collapsing

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D40Ypt-ipxQ Here are showed at least one of the methods to control the fracturing. The important part is the grouping of constraints in the SOP solver. In the primitive wrangle you can use whatever you want. In your case probably you want to set @group_broken=1
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  4. house collapsing

    thanks but i just want to delete column constraint because i want some big pieces for box. it doesn't look accurate.Please can you take a look my setup. I am not sure it is correct. maybe i need some vex expressions test_2.hipnc
  5. Permission issue

    The problem was in houdini.env, try to modify it above all HOUDINI_PATH
  6. Permission issue

    I've been having the same issue. Still haven't found a solution. Have you had any luck?
  7. Final Export Error

    Hey all, First post here, literally my first mp4 render. I'm have it finished and rendered in MPlay. But when I try to export I hit this error. I'm running an Apprentice 17.5 My best guess is that it's angry because the licenses is on the D drive and I'm saving to the C but I don't think where I save it should matter. Any help is appreciated
  8. I'm totally new at this and using the Apprentice version. 17.5.173 I'm trying to render my first animation and I have it finished in MPlay. I hit a snag at exporting. I set the folder to the project folder I created on the desktop. It says exporting movie and as soon as it finishes this error comes up. My best guess is that the file has to be rendered out to the same folder the licenses is downloaded for. Running it as administrator didn't work for me.
  9. Hi there! You could hide the parameter label in your integer parameter and add a label parameter and set your long label name in the Column Labels (Label1) and hide the Main Label of the label parameter. Hope it helps -J
  10. Redshift materials coming out black for houdini

    What in gods name. Thank you for your time.
  11. hi, the particle shape from other DCC tool with alembic file format, the alembic do not have velocity data. particles count changed frame by frame (has life-span, are delete by age), connectivity class id is changed frame by frame, thus, i cannot track the velocity. Alembic(delay_load?) -> Connectivity ->Trail(recompute_velocity) do you have any way fo this case? thanks
  12. is working just fine here with texture and without. 2.6.42
  13. Redshift materials coming out black for houdini

    The texture was an arbitrary image on my computer, adding a UV texture Sop doesn't fix it.
  14. you didn't post the texture so I can't test it but if you add a UV Texture SOP, probably will solve your issue.
  15. Modifying built in viewer states?

    Hello guys, Is there a way I can modify or create a custom viewer state for an existing node (polybevel, edit) through python. I essentially want to add advanced hotkeys and shortcuts to the existing nodes through python viewer states. I've tried writing a script that sets the viewer to a custom state upon the creation of node by adding OnCreated Python script to the Houdini scripts folder, but it refuses to switch the viewer state with this method. Thanks
  16. I've been researching this topic for some time and can not find any valuable information. I have a character with a skeleton and blend shapes. This character have multiple animations ether on Takes or in multiple files (with HDAs). I can not find any reasonable way to bring this animation to Unity. Making all animations in one timeline and splitting it in Unity or exporting multiple FBXes with the same mesh sound absurd to me. Can anyone recommend a proper workflow?
  17. Redshift materials coming out black for houdini

    Of course, sorry. wasn't thinking Cube Material.hipnc
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  19. house collapsing

    This video has everything you need to know to achieve that effect. If you jump to around 46:30 he demonstrates overriding rigid body activation with constraints. https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/h13-masterclass-bullet/
  20. python panel pyside2 dropevent

    Yes, unfortunately, d&d in Python panels is very buggy. over the course of several years, I've seen all sorts of issues including this. First, make sure in your dragEnterEvent you store the mime data somewhere and then the next time you enter the widget, check if such data exists and reject the event if it does. See if it works for you, you might need to do the same trick with the dropEvent
  21. I forgot about TOPS, I'll try to explore that option. Thanks @LaidlawFX!! Great answer.
  22. You have two main ROP options. Make a subnet and use the Scripts python module. Make a shell rop and use the shell or post script commands to run an external file. The third for fun option is to do it in TOPs. This is probably better designed for what you want to do and it comes complete with tons of python control. Just not a lot of internet wisdom yet when you get stuck. Plus not direct Redshift control so you need to use the ROP Fetch node, which has not been too painful converting all the old setups too.
  23. Kiryha's advice is pretty good. But this one: est imparable. Une fois que tu seras dans le circuit du travail, tu n’aura plus vraiment le temps pour faire un vrai bon movie qui défonce (autre chose que des bout a bout de tests divers), a mettre dans ta demo reel, et du coup tu risque de mettre beaauucoup plus longtemps a obtenir le job de tes reves.
  24. house collapsing

    Thanks Joe for your reply. i have basic setup and i just want to break half of box like collapse. There are strong and weak glue cons. i want to start to break from column before half box collapsing test.hipnc
  25. HQueue Substep caching of geometry NOT WORKING

    Naah... Have lots of VDB and GEO caches so have to do it in HQueue only. Youre suggesting on HQueue right??? Also It's not DOPs so $SF doesnt fly.
  26. If you drop school, you will lose the money you already spent. If you need to spend muuuch more then you already played to get the diploma it could be an option though. Take into account: - the knowledge you are getting in school is valuable not only because you get some particular tricks in certain software, but more because you get a high-level overview of the industry processes. The soft and tricks are changes very fast, workflows and math not. - you never know how your life may turn, the skills you considering redundant may become super useful. - you can learn what you miss by yourself, there is no school which meets your current desires 100% - the diploma also has value in addition to knowledge, it would be much more easy to get a job offer. If I were you, I would definitely finish school. And work very hard to produce astonishing grade movie with lots of FX to use it as a demo reel to get your dream job.
  27. house collapsing

    There's a lot more to it than just using metaball force. What aspects in particular are you trying emulate? If you just want to know how to initialize forces in the simulation, it all comes down to "v" on the points. Which can be controlled in all sorts of ways.
  28. HQueue Substep caching of geometry NOT WORKING

    Another option if you must cache it out at the SOP level for some reason is to use a Time Shift SOP, cache it out, then shift it back. The frames would still be integers but they'd be whatever fraction of the actual time.
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