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    The two following videos are the work I did for my specialization and graduation project The first is the specialization project I created in 15 weeks. The tool uses curves to create roads, crossings, tunnels and bridges on an environment mesh provided by the user to create the road on. It flattens the environment to allow for a smooth road deck like in real life. each curve can be set to a different type of road. The tool creates normal crossings, T intersections and link two road ends together. If the environment is to steep it will generate a tunnel and will generate bridges over gaps. When approaching an intersection road signs are placed and traffic lights are placed at the correct positions. At this point the system is setup with three different roads. But more types can be added. Everything is exported to cry engine. From start to finish (in the cry engine) takes around 30 minutes. The second is the graduation project I created in 10 weeks. It allows the creation of a level with meshes provided by the user. The user can draw out floor plans and draw corridors with curves and adjust them to. Each room can load their own models. attaching rooms can be added to main rooms, doors and windows can be placed and adjusted. Corridors are also created using meshes provided by the user. they are copied over the curve and adjusted to result in a closed mesh . With a custom python exporter everything was exported to UDK including light positions Everything that can be referenced is exported as a reference and the rest is split by type and texture and exported separately. The level in the video is around 3 million polygons Mark Knoop Markknoop3d@gmail.com
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    Here is my house destruction WIP. On the videos in this post you can see what I made myself, before I stuck with the problem of a concave geometry in the corners (which can not properly handled by the Bullet engine). By default, the Voronoi Fracture HDA creates concave geometry in the corners (you can see it on the screenshots below) and if there is another object located in the corner (for example bricks behind the stucco), the simulation starts to explode (because the Bullet improperly complements such geometry to convexity). I tried to search some info about how to implement a Convex Decomposition algorithm in Houdini (may be HACD*), but I haven't any result yet. All what I have for now, is my concavity-testing VEX node, that finds all the concave parts, but I have no idea how to cut them on a convex pieces. It will be cool, if somebody can help me with this problem. Below you can see my tests. *Hierarchical Approximate Convex Decomposition http://kmamou.blogsp...ate-convex.html http://www.khaledmammou.com/hacd.html http://masc.cs.gmu.edu/wiki/ACD
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    I did it with help of custom solver that just advected density by baked velocity field. So you can make linear interpolation by advect for 1/n where n is retime multiplier.