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    Hi again Kev, I took a look at your file and tried out different methods. When I look at your simulation in a larger time scale let's say 500 frames it seems to me like your fractured pieces act like magnets. Why I actually don't know since I have only been using Houdini for a few weeks Nevertheless I kind of solved your specific problem for this specific task. first of all I stoped the animation just a few frames before the impact instead of having a sinus curve as an animation source. If you dont want your pieces been rumbling around afterwards. The approach I used was actually to create a glue_network for the fractured pieces. I strongly recommend you to watch this tutorial if you havent seen it before contunuing with fracturing: http://www.sidefx.co...2350&Itemid=166 I made several changes to your file. It is best if you see it yourself and if you don't understand just check the tut above and you will figure out everything about glue networks and how it works together with the bullet solver. I have actually never fractured a object during animation just the oposite, fractured objects based on another objects animation so I am providing as well as my knowledge reachees out - The major changes in the file are actually the animation itself. I lifted up the cylinder a bit and stopped its rotation just before it hits the ground. - The glue is now based on the glue network method instead of the usual way. Take a look and see if it looks somthink like you wanted /Hudson
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    Here is short exercise i've done in Houdini after watching similair video on vimeo. https://vimeo.com/61090296 Spent weekend on this - hope you'll like it)
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    helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo guys. it's my first post in this forum and i'm very proud of you because this forum is unique like the houdini software. i'm a maya user and 3dsmax for my modeling but my original software is maya. when i found out houdini i couldn't believe that how the designers of houdini are smart.wow i love the procedural way of houdini, if maya had this kind of procedural way it will become a most complete 3d software ever. (ok) anyway my question is in the topic title. please help me. best regard. excuse my english. Amin KHormaei
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    Ok now reduced it to 5 nodes It only works on a single curve, so for multiple, you have to add a foreach sop to repeat the same thing per curve. Overall it's 16 times more efficient and simpler than the example shown in the video. I think that's an improvement Btw we should do more of these simple examples that you can achieve using the least number of nodes. It might seem impractical but I think this restriction really forces you to be creative and also find out about specific uses of certain nodes that you wouldn't know otherwise. procedural_pipes2.hipnc
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