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    Well I figured it out on my own... Just figured I'd update this post for anyone looking for help that uses search. Here's the result of my sand / lava / smoke / particle FX comped into the music video I was working on. Was worth the try on the ODForce forums though Nico Sugleris FX TD
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    A few days back I stumbled on a Minecraft renderer that took a long time to calculate, but could generate some nice pictures from Minecraft maps. I thought that I could cut down the rendertimes by importing them into Houdini and could also work on my Python skills in Houdini at the same time. There are some realy nice projects out there that could use a better render engine than provided in-game, or the slow one I found. I've got the basics working, Houdini can now import the chunks, create the geometry and texture the blocks. The chunks are quite big (16x16x256 blocks) so I've build in some options to skip some chunks. The main problem that I'm facing right now is speed. The pieces in the pictures below are already 3.3 milion poly's, so I need to find a way to cleverly cull the poly's you won't ever see. If you guys have some tips on this, please share them Another problem is the texture filtering, is there an option to just keep the harsh edges in the textures that are in the game (Instead of filtering/blurring them). Next up is entity support, and different geometry types that one can find in the game. Let me know what you guys think.
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    Looks like an ex-Sony fella is makin' bacon on the webzone. Can't wait to try this out!
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    HI Traiano.First of all we'd like to know which fields you've cached ?Usually a lot of people trying to cache all fields from pyro object - like temperature , heat , fuel , rest , rest2 , vel. But for dust you need to export only density or if you'd like to advect particles for more natural looks after sim you shoul ad 1 more field VEL . Export only density and vel.You don't need to use temperature after sim at shading time or heat or rest(rest fields are vectors and they will have a huge size).And for a bit smaller size cache your sim to name.bgeo.gz - gz will help to archive each bgeo file and compress its size very well.And don't use open CL for big simulations because it won't help you so much and can slow down sim process.