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    Something that i did in last 4-5 months Submarine 1 shots - everything is Houdini only foam around sub is Naiad 2. Naiad for sim Houdini for render https://vimeo.com/60090331 Street Flood https://vimeo.com/61823080 - Houdini and PBR Ocean Temple https://vimeo.com/62684642 - Houdini and PBR Last Hope - personal project i hope one day i will finish https://vimeo.com/62870391 - Houdini and PBR
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    The problem : Give the user the ability to pick a sop from an otl to use as the basis of instancing. Allow the user to also put expressions in the path I was looking through the forum at various ways to solve this problem, and what came up most was the evals(chsraw("../somenode..")) method. now perhaps my implementation was wrong, but it seemed like I could not get this expression working if it was a straight string that pointed at a sop, but it worked if my otl level path was something like : Worked : "/obj/firehydrant_"+($PT%2+1) Did Not Work : /obj/firehydrant I could get it working for either method but not both. The Solution was to create a switch node and use the following expression in it : if(opexist(chs("../regular_path/instancepath")), 1, 2) I added an empty add node to it, as a trick to keep the switch from erroring out. What the expression does is just look at the path and see if it can find the sop (is it a direct path) if it can't it assumes that the input is an expression and tries the 3rd input which evaluates the path with : evals(chsraw("../instanced_Geo")) If I am doing this wrong, please let me know. If this help then I am glad I shared it. Cheers, Ali
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    +1 It would be a dream to have in our disposal every tool massive has plus houdini's procedural workflow. I'd also love to render agents in mantra with real pathtrace GI instead of using 3Delight or Air.