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    The following is a small project is did with Freek Hoekstra, an old classmate of mine. We created a system in Houdini where the user can create a house with a hires exterior and interior in a matter of minutes, instead of having to work on it for hours. Instead of having to use sliders and settings on a tool the system works directly in the vieport. The tool looks at where to user clicks and will give the correct options depending on where is clicked. For example on a straight outside wall the user will only get the options to create doors or windows. While if he clicks on a roof the options roof window and dormers will be shown. Same goes if the user clicks on the inside of the house. MarkKnoop3d@gmail.com info@Freek3d.com
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    Use upres, it's the same. http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini12.0/shelf/upres
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    wow...that´s stupidly good. Congratulations!
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    You can convert it to otl but you will still get renderman shader. It will not work with mantra. http://www.gravatoni...ri_hrman_03.htm Sure, just rewrite it. I'm not a shader guy and I always forget about - "vector to light"/"eye vector" - which is which in Vex . Anyway, try attached file. Never seen Rman velvet shader on my eyes so I'm not sure is it working correctly. For now it works only with micropolygon engine. velvetTest.hip Yes . http://www.sidefx.co...e/transitioning http://www.sidefx.co...odes/vop/inline http://www.sidefx.co...des/vop/snippet or select/create New Operator Type from File menu and pick "Surface Shader Operator" and "Vex Type". Then you can write your code in it instead of using VOPs. PS. is it complete shader code ? "Ks" is not used at all there and output color is not multiplied by specular so it doesn't affect output at all. Below renders are after adding "Ks * specular" multiplication.
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    The hip file was requested. Here is the original (still ongoing) thread: http://forums.cgsoci...hp?f=2&t=902691 The Mantra render in that thread is from when H11 was current. I have attached the scene updated for 12.5. I've optimized the dragon geometry and gotten rid of the small artifacts you may notice in the render below (those were due to long, thin triangles in the original model). So this is a "reference" render. Mantra's settings were weighted towards accuracy rather than speed: High Color Limit, high Reflect/Refract Limits, path-traced caustics. Basically I cranked the settings and let it render overnight. I made no effort to optimize it. I'm sure there is a lot that can be done just by bringing photon maps into the mix, for caustics and also to help with the glossy raytracey stuff. cgtalkDragon.zip