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    One in the editing of the material, there are a lot of work to do, wait. . . RMaterial.otl
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    hi, I've been asked several times about this effect https://vimeo.com/61015448 so here is the hip file with some notes inside. trail_smoke_on_curve.hip Also I have a question to houdini gurus here please: Is it possible to align the containers along the path in DOPs? If I have the tangent and up vector of every cluster point how can I get the orientation of every point from SOP and align the corresponding container in DOP? I've tried Point Position DOP but can't get it to work. Thanks!
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    ...and now for something not entirely different... This is how my Null SOP's default preset looks like: These buttons are one-liner python scripts which rename and colorize the Null accordingly. So I never type "OUT", I just click. ) I color "display" nodes to blue (same as display flag color); OUTs (render outputs) are purple (same as render flag color), animated ones are yellow, "waypoints" (important network points marking end of a section) are red, and that's about it. ("export points", e.g. where I fetch data from to other networks are green) I'll check out this OnCreated.py script, I didn't know this functionality existed. I wish it was documented... A word of warning: don't go too crazy with colors, or else you end up with networks that drive you crazy because they look like rainbows, and you lose what you thought you'd gain. This is an actual production network (hence a few dead ends ), IMHO this is the amount of coloring that provides relevant information without polluting everything with colored candy )
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    I am not a dynamic master But if I do that, my first approach will glue constraint. Actually I don't know what is done by dynamic fracture. If I get some result, I will post here.
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    hi, magneto. I did some quick test. It seems more close what you mean. Hope it helps. moving_fracture.hipnc
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    I am not sure. But is it what you are looking for? http://forums.odforce.net/index.php?/topic/17660-fractured-pieces-of-a-deforming-object-acts-strange-after-collision/page__hl__fracture
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    Sphere fractured + explodeview + imported to Dops. It took me like 5 minutes max to get to this stage. No, it doesn't have to contain Dops or explode/fracture nodes to show up. I was just playing randomly with nodes. What I'm doing on movie: 1. All views are unpinned. 2. To prove that there is no other nodes in the scene beside two OBJ I move nodes and press L two times. 3. I enter to OBJ that contains this geo and turn on explodeView node, it should show only exploded view but instead it shows also not exploded geometry.I also press template flag on exploded view to reset all flag to this node. 4. Than I put null node there and move display flag to it, so it should show nothing but the ball is still there. 5. I delete all the nodes in the scene and ball is still there. 6. I go sleep. http://www.mediafire.com/?ybgp3x6txyfwg2f