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    Hi all! This is an image that I did, originally with the intention of using it on a larger project. That idea was later scrapped but I kept improving this image. I tried to use real world measures whenver possible (despite reducing them proportionally), except when that would make the object way to small (the Hubble would be really tiny...) and used lot's of amazing images from NASA Blue Marble project Also invaluable was the blog from Sie Piau Project Eden The basic approach on this is... make some spheres, change the size of the new ones by a small increment and apply a different texture to it! I did my own basic displacement and texture shaders, rendered out different takes and comped them. The Hubble is just modelling... got a pretty huge (15 MB) blueprint with side and front facing images and went into crazy mode detailing stuff because I wanted to do (and did) a model turnetable. The shadow you see over the Hubble is of a gigantic space object approaching Earth and by its sheer size obscuring the Hubble... or that was the concept, I mean! Big big thanks to Perry Yap for the help on some Nuke tweaks and general black magic that made the image look so much better than my initial comp!
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    Hi I'm looking for Idea's on how to increase modeling performance for my courses I teach. There are many things that come to mind. -Using wrangle nodes. -Building custom versions of some existing nodes with limited functionality such as a vop's ray node. -Using attribute transfer instead of ray sop -Using point clouds. -Avoiding foreach nodes. -creating a minimalistic representation of the final result for fast turnaround times. -unloading of nodes Any other things, techniques for a specific solution, like the "Group in Mesh" on Orbolt from Sergei Bolisov. would be very welcome to hear about. Cheers, Kim
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    Houdini 13 Sneak Peek Video #1 - Check out some of the great features coming on October 31st -
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    Unload after cooking! Now I got it! Thank you~
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    You have to right click a node and click Unload. A different flag is shown on the node.
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    Let me know if you have any problems with it. If anyone makes any improvements to it please share. It'd be great to eventually bundle this up as an otl and start using a common base setup for shaders. 2009_material_samplescene.zip MaterialThumbTemplate.psd.zip
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    Inspired by the "genus 6 Kandinsky Surface voronoi volume" post on sidefx forums, I thought those should be doable in Houdini alone. Nothing advanced, just a couple of SOPs, really. I did spend a little extra effort in getting bendy lines, though. A bit of a worst-case scenario for raytracing, this PS. If you download the hip, it spends a while subdiving on load.. kandinsky_v007.hip