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    I would like to see ramp parameters replaced will full functioning Channel Editor style interface, or AT LEAST bezier handles for the points!
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    Hi Doum! Maybe my approach to the problem was the wrong: and I found this blog really interesting http://ihoudini.blogspot.com.ar/ Especially this post: http://ihoudini.blog...-paper-sim.html It does exactly what I was looking for and give us a hip file! Really many thanks to the blogger! And thanks to you to for your interest Doum, I hope this could help you too. Now it's time to carefully understand the file! EDIT: Actually the blogger is Sam Hancock, so: thank you Sam!!! EDIT 2: My first problem was add cloth geo from the copy/pop generator. I found that my error was to leave all the particles generated from the pop network, so the solution was delete the particles with more than one frame of life. In order to do that you can give a name to the Birth Group, in the Source node, and after the pop network blast the particles outside the Birth Group.
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    If you turn on Faux Caustics on your glass, the red volume will be visible inside the glass sphere. The red-square-artifacts is related to your caustic light.
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    Great look development on the different water parts, looks swanky. Prob coulda blasted away more of the mesh in the air if its supposed to be going thru massive pressure, but thats just my2cents.
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    very nice man! great flip showing in...
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    More and better rigging tools!