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    Yes, it is. In next-gen iteration of viewport we will have little dwarfs with flags, instead of volumes, that will work like sprites, and they will be singing: Ho-la-la-ee-ay Ho-la-la-ee-ay Ho-la-la-ee-ay-ee-la-ee-ay-ee-lee-ay Ho-la-la-ee-ay Ho-la-la-ee-ay Ho-la-la-ee-ay-ee-la-lee-ay-lee-o-lee-ay...
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    Hi all! Here is my Houdini effects showreel : http://vimeo.com/75693180 It includes my rain asset, the falling fish for my Masters Project , a procedural Oil Well digital asset and some procedural cracks creation Everything was produced in Houdini 12.5 ODForce was always a place of inspiration and help, so thank you all ! You can watch my masters Project " Dreaming FIsh" here :
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    Here you go. When you're experiencing problems with collisions just inspect collision field through the FLIP object visualisation options. You could see that your field lacked resolution and was patchy. Which is solved by turning on separate Collision resolution option on FLIP object and also by lowering particle separation (decreasing Grid scale also helps). Yes, and also sometimes you need thicker SDF, so you have to optimize. You can read all the tips in help I used classic SDF with Static object which gives me better results, but I included a VDB example as well. Which you can see kinda works, but you need more resolution for accuracy. Also I think there's no collision velocity on a 'classic' example, so that'd be preferable. https://www.dropbox.com/s/kryz836v46n4dn6/1_fix.mp4 1_fix.hipnc
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    Removing as many attributes definitely helps. Houdini can also gzip bgeos if you save them as a bgeo.gz extension.
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    With intersect vop, your ray should longer than hit distance. length(ray) > length(P-hitP)
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    I guess you should use the raySOP or intersect in vop to achieve that
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    I don't think that SDF will give you perfect alignment with surface border as there will be always small difference between voxel position and point position. You can try using intersect sop in direction of gradient.
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    SDF values will be negative inside and positive outside so just need to manipulate those values (you might need to negate it before multiplying with gradient)
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    P + (normalized_gradient * abs(min(signed_distance, 0))) <- if they are inside maybe your sdf is not detailed enough ?
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    primitive sop>volumes>adjust visualization>display mode(density)
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    It's hard to say what might be the cause without an example file of it misbehaving. In general though, I would say it would be better to just use the Merge method as it's less overhead and confusing since in this case you aren't really relying on copy stamping to do anything you couldn't already do with the Merge.
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    Hi Christos, If you can, I'd advise waiting a week and trying some experiments with H13 when it's released. There are a number of simulation quality improvements that help with small-scale simulations. In general smaller scale sims should Just Work, i.e. there's nothing really different about the physics, but in 12.5 there were some simulation issues that existed in all sims but were mostly visible at small scale. In some cases you do get into numerical tolerance issues if dealing with very small scale sims, but a bottle into a glass, for example, should be fine. If you get a chance to try out H13 and are still seeing problems, please post those issues and I'll have a look. (or submit a bug report if you prefer). John
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    I wonder what "Solid", next to the Cloth Shelf contains
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    This is the scene for palace_v02_low.mov, and other test that i try. If someone whant to test or improve render... Palace.rar