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    I agree with all of these, I haven't use H13 yet, but I have a concern related to the new data tree. At the moment it looks more like a spreadsheet to edit properties, it will have an API to modify and adapt what to show and how to modify it, this is good but is a different approach to a "linker" widget. And spreadsheet doesn't offer the functionally of a linker. I believe that a data tree is needed but a "Data Linker" is also much needed. Just imagine a plugin oriented data linker pane, where you can create plugins to define what to link and how. Also being able to use an embed data tree. Then provide a plugin called "Render Linker", and the code of the plugin so every studio that needs it can expand and modify the default render linker. Sounds like a dream
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    Fully painted the spec, made some adjustments to the shader, let me know what you think? Also did some blendshapes (they are based of FACS and i just made some basic combos), here is the base wireframe for the curious. If you want to see the wireframe in full open in a new tab and put in w752.
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    The referenced thread is an excellent one but in that thread there isn't an example of how to bring in pscale in to the new Mantra Point Procedural with a CVEX VOP program. See the attached hip file. fast_instancing_cvex_pscale.hip