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    Hiya Here is an image from something I have been working on. I have aquired some mri scans of a head at 7T. Managed to reconstruct dataset in houdini and trying to render it to look hubbelesque...hope you like.
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    http://zunyfx.com/attribute-blend/ I made simple HDK SOP Operator which is point attribute blend. I hope you'll like it.
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    BulletSOP is implementation of Bullet library (bulletphysics.org) inside SideFx Houdini (sidefx.com). It's a plugin for creating incredibly large rigid body simulations on average PC. The Tool is very powerful, flexible and speed is very impressive as well as memory footprint. The plugin is free and without limits! So you can create truly stunning massive simulations. BulletSOP is compiled for Houdini production builds. It includes many example scenes (beginner -> professional) which are probably the best learning resources. Main features: - Bullet RBD Solver - Support for multiple Broadphases, Constraints Solvers - Loading data from previous frame - Geometry decomposition (Tetrahedra, Voxels) - Static/Animation body - Convex Hull - Compound Hull - Deform static Hull - Primitive Hulls - Constraints (auto-generating, spring, 6DoF) - Collisions Groups - Object Forces - Point Radius Forces - Delete Duplicity data - Instancing - Emitting system - Includes many example scenes for studying - Support for Windows(64bit) and Linux(64bit) - Support for Houdini 12 & 13 Links: Houdini: http://www.sidefx.com/ LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin....Houdini-4796605 More author's videos: https://vimeo.com/user3251535 Create freely, simulate quickly and enjoy fully! Best wishes, Milan Suk Download BulletSOP v2.0.10 for Windows and Linux here: http://bit.do/BulletSOP_v2_0_10
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    Thanks slamfunk. Still wip wss trying for space cloud look...but alien jellyfish in my head is a good notion..lol
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    Just one note, can you just put all files into one download link instead of 4, please EDIT: Oh, and can you turn off automatic start of vimeo videos on your site? It's not a problem with one but when there are 3-4 starting at once... you get the idea
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    I forgot that I'd added a copy sop to the adapted scene I'm working with when explaining this so sorry if it made no sense. I've attached a file which works for me. Is this what you meant? emit_objects_juri.hip
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    Dear fellow Houdinistas! We are pleased to announce that after more than two years of tinkering, qLib - our open source asset library for Houdini - has reached version 0.1 . qLib is a library of more than a hundred more or less simple tools that we built during and beside production work as Houdini artists. When we started qLib we wanted to have a library that is documented, and actively developed and maintained. Later we wanted version control and decided to embrace the open source development model, so we put the whole library up to github and made it public. But now we want even more.. Now we want to invite all of you to test, to comment, to criticize, to report bugs, to help us to write better docs, to fix tools that doesn’t work as intended, to share your ideas and to share your assets that you find useful and that you have no problem with others finding it useful too. We believe that Houdini has a wonderful user community with lots of clever and helpful member, so we hope that a project like qLib can focus that knowledge and wisdom into tools thus making every Houdini user’s life a little bit better. Even better.. The qLib team