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    Yeah, High DPI was designed for laptops with QuadHD to 4K resolutions, and not larger 30" class monitors. You can calculate the rough DPI of a monitor using: DPI = (horizontal res) / (size in inches) * 1.15 (1.15 is the ratio of the horizontal screen width to the diagonal of the screen for 16:9 monitors). So for a 28", 3840x2160 screen, you're looking at a DPI of around 164. That's not really in the "high DPI" category, which is why High DPI would look big. High DPI is more for 200 DPI and up, so you can actually read text & identify icons. It's only about 10% larger, and it was meant mostly for demos and workshops on a projector screen But it could likely benefit from a boost now that there's a "medium DPI" segment of 24-28" QuadHD and 28-32" 4K monitors. Before they came along, desktop monitors were often in the 80-100DPI range. There are some font preferences for the network editor in the Main Prefs > Network Editor, Nodes, Trees section which might help with the font scaling. I think it may be independent of the UI scale modifed by UI Size categories. These are the sorts of DPI issues we still need to address (sane defaults for DPIs > 110). Edit: Incidentally, there's another 28" 4K monitor just released by ASUS for $650 (likely the same panel as in the Samsung): http://www.asus.com/Monitors_Projectors/PB287Q/overview/
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    I am currently using large. Hi DPI is honestly a bit too big for me again, especially the shelf icons, negating the bonus of what I really want (giant spreadsheets and network view) one thing that is interesting is that nodes seem to auto seperate more, and text stays smaller then on a 1080P display. making it so that I can't view the entire network and read all the nod names while ooking around (something I desperately want) ideally the large option should be slightly larger then it is now (looks like normal to me pretty much) and a seperate control for text size (especially in the network editor) and I'm looking for a spot to put the images where hey are uncompressed.
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    so here it is: edit: apparantly it gets scaled here I made a quick blogpost about my findings: http://freekhoekstra.blogspot.nl/
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    I hear ya Marty . The votes are pretty tied for the subject of the challenge. Rendering, Misc. (Tool/Problem) and Rigging are very close. Any way to get more people to vote, only 25 at the moment. For Rendering how would people feel if we took one of the scene (with permission of course) from the CGTalk Lighting Challenge? To render in a specific style? Encouraging users to create there own shaders? For Character rigging, i should be able to construct a model if people want it. Just a face? Body part? Challenge could be to make a decent eye system (blinking, tracking, soft eyes, cartoony effects), sticky lips, a procedural animation rig (fish, ant, spider, horse etc)or a new 2014 take on Autorig tools? (Keeping it simple with individual body parts). Misc. This is a tough one to think of a challenge? It could be too easy or too hard, trying to think of a topic/problem is tough. It would be nice to hear from some of the more experienced users(my word for guru) to chime in here. Create a transformers style effect or procedural animation? Create a feather rig? Create a tree system? Dust/Algae/Vine system (growing on all objects)? Cable snapping (showing individual wire/strands breaking)? Bullet hit system? Origami system? A candle system (lit, melting, dripping with wax), create a fish eye effect. Or it could be any of these but with the stipulation that it has to use all contexts of Houdini or with the fewest amounts of nodes or if something that uses DOP to be done in SOPs etc. Especially since a lot of these suggestions (which is just me thinking out loud) can fall into one of the more specific options. Or it could be something totally wacky like create your favourite board game in Houd, to the point where you could play it (Guess Who, Mouse Trap, Monopoly). I can see why the Misc. option has a lot of attention but i would love to hear what people would like to take part in. Again difficulty is a problem if we want to have a lot of people take part. Please discuss, im getting tired of typing