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    And now for something serious: The Egg Equations. I once needed an egg for a project, and being a dutiful Houdnik I naturally started by googling for an egg equation. Luckily, I found a set of those from Japanese mathematician Tadao Itau, and promptly recreated a parametric egg in Houdini. egg_equation5.hip
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    I`ll create some new example scenes by the end of the week (I hope). Well, in sops we don`t have to. In shops on the other hand, we have geometry that is camera dependent, and we have to recompute displacement for every visible point = better detail. Another approach is to execute displacement shop and bake it to UV`s. Then use this map as vector displacement inside your render of choice. This means nice uvs for each piece (or some ptex render hack). I tried it and it seems to work. Unfortunately I don`t have access to full H license, so maps were really small and I decided to stop working on it.
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    Implementation of anisotropic method is quite simple, I made one https://github.com/mishurov/anisotropy_matrix But since Houdini uses OpenVDB for surfacing the FLIP, therefore OpenVDB developers should add that algorithm into their library. And there are some perfomance issues to use fastest method for calculation of Single Value Decomposition and so on.
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    On an old CD I have found the tutorial, but unfortunately without the sample-hip-file and without the big images. Perhaps it will help you nevertheless. Face.zip