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    Houdini Rolling Box Tutorial Here's a tutorial set for creating a rolling box without simulation. This was based on a question from one of my students, which turned into a bit of a complex answer. So I recorded the process. It's a good overview of how to create somewhat complex animation setups and avoid motion blur problems. The value isn't so much in getting a box to roll as to understand some animation methods in Houdini. Also covers lighting and rendering. Enjoy -Garman
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    Hi. Whats the difference between save in background and without it turned on? I dont see any difference at all and i cant go ahead with my project when its rop my files. Thnx
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    interestingly, after going through everything again, I found the cause for the f*cked *p geo-pieces.... which makes it work with packed prims also (praise the lord). when i am initially fracturing my building still in SOPs, in the "Voronoi Fracture" Node I had checked 'Keep Internal Attributes' checked in the 'Attributes'-tab. Which messed it all up, once it started dynamically fracturing the geo in DOPs. UNchecking this makes it work smoothly again. Since I am new to Houdini, this doesnt immediately make sense to me, but I guess since DOPs is pulling in the source SOP recursively at every timestep and new geo is being created in DOPs, the source attributes from the original SOP-Voronoi-Fracture might overwrite the attributes of the new pieces being created. Hence the disconnected geometries that don't belong to any proper piece anymore...? Does this sound right? I am just trying to wrap my head around the whole "SOP>DOP>and back" transfer process here.... hm hm hm hip is below: odforce_egyptianTemple_cgfx_destruction_v005.bad_voronoi_2.hipnc
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    Hi, This is my new 3 part commercial training series for Houdini. Trailer description The aim of this commercial training is to take you through the process of creating the "Floating Islands" image, all the way from modeling to render The training covers various aspects including terrain modeling and sculpting, generating large quantities of plants and vegetation in Houdini. The plants and trees will be developed using L-Systems. The training will also cover Rigid Body Dynamics, Particles and Fluids to create certain elements of the image. The training is split into 3 parts, each part is available separately. Part 1 will cover terrain modeling, modeling using the VDB tool set. It will also deal with creating grass using the fur procedural and a variety of creepers and vines on the island and the druid circle. Part 1 Details Duration - 3 hours No. of Videos - 11 Houdini files Included Link http://www.rohandalvi.net/floating/ regards Rohan Dalvi
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    I dont know how drag pop really works but intuitively it should be dependent on both the speed of the object and the square of its speed. drag = −1*normalize(v)*( C1 *|v| + C2 * |v|^2) Drag with C2 value will grow faster as the speed gets higher. At least thats what seems to be with air drag that keeps things from accelerating to infinity. At slow speeds there is little drag from the air, but for 2x of the speed the drag will be 4x as it increases. just a thought.