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    PCFilter and get P. If you use pcImport you can get the distance or the point number of the point it's iterating on as well. http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini13.0/nodes/vop/pcimport
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    Main reason of this release: Compiled for the latest Houdini production build - 13.0.476. It includes OSX version as well - big thanks to Chris Rydalch! Keep in mind that for Windows you need Houdini vc11 version!!!
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    Ok, I understand you. Next time - it will defenitely be next time - I'll do this. But in those particular situation it could be better explained by words. So, when you setting up your extra image planes, you may choose "Direct Lighting(per component)" - "direct_comp" VEX variable. And, as in my case, set "Export variable for each light". But if you don't need some components you should'n use "For each component" toggle. Just create an image plane and input VEX variable like "diffuse_direct", or "coat_direct" - if, for example, you don't need "reflect" component. And for lights - you could set particular light by editing "Light Mask" field. The * symbol means all light. You can exclude particular light by setting ^ symbol before its name. Or just delete * and add name of light you need. Attaching .hip files - it's very good practice, I totally agree! When you can dive in, explore it by yourself. But in my case I can't upload my file because of something like NDA and, unfortunately, I don't have a time right now to make an example.
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    The plan is to post the ggx, disney bsdf implementation plus a big microfacet swiss army knife similar to the compare.brdf in BRDF in the next day or so once I finish up writing the help.
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    my bad, I used python instead of hscript menu_items = {5:0, 6:1, 8:2} copySop = hou.node('/obj/STAMP_EXAMPLE/copy1') token = copySop.stampValue("token", 1) return menu_items[token] token_example_python.hip