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    Hi Wateryfield, the rop_geometry is there just to advance to the next frame (the geometry exported from the rop_geometry node is not important). The node that actually exports the geometry is the file node inside the forEach. In order to vary the file name of the file node inside the forEach node, according to the current iteration of the loop you can compose the file name using stamps(...) function. Example: $HIP/piece`padzero(4,stamps("..","FORVALUE",0))`.$F4.bgeo This will output files like: piece0001.0001.bgeo piece0002.0001.bgeo piece0003.0001.bgeo ... ... piece0001.0002.bgeo piece0002.0002.bgeo ... ... ...
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    https://vimeo.com/105499906 Fabio Long Hair system.
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    As for the collision challenge, I thought it was kind of fun to create so here's my quick result for the collisions (vimeo is encoding the video) : It uses a sopsolver and vopsops
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    Apologies for the off topic, but I think this could be a nice challenge idea
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