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    Looks great! But I really hope SideFX comes out with in-depth (not introductory) walk through videos of these new tools along with H-14.
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    Houdini 14 Sneak Peek with Sand solver, Grooming Tools, Crowds and User Experience enhancements... https://vimeo.com/113441818
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    While I applaud multi-disciplinary pursuits, this is a purely Maya course. And maybe a little off topic. Also, I think PBD is going to be a serious game changer. But I could be wrong.
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    Peel Effect How to ?
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    About linux, some things we tried at work, very annoying : Do a loop, and reduce the gamma very very slowly, by small value every second. The screen becomes darker and darker... Slow down/speed up the mouse speed. Tremendous. I think you can also inverse the mouse directions. Beep. send a lot of beeps on other computers. Spamming other's computers with a lot of popup (like xeyes, or "tasteful" pictures... ) Changing aliases (adding like 10 beeps, each time you open a new console...). etc About Houdini, I think you can also replace the "default" geometry, when you create a new file node. Replace the cube by a less politically correct mesh .
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    Maybe bind L (organize the nodes) to another key? Like U or I which you use often. That would be suuuper annoying!
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    Yes, I mean SDF. Also as Kim mentioned, it is better to isolate problematic areas before smoothing -this will help alot. (:
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    What about using measure to find the curvature and smooth using that attribute? Then project.
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    You can try to create VDB, smooth points and project them to VDB.
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    add this to their houdini.env file: HOUDINI_SPLASH_MESSAGE = "I <3 PONIES" or for less subtlety set the HOUDINI_SPLASH_FILE a quick one: hit n twice to hide all operator names. more advanced: hit n twice and remap the hotkey preference "Show Operator Names" to nothing. low tech: switch the physical "a" and "s" keys on the keyboard. bonus points awarded if done before they have to type their login password.
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    Yet another cloth-solver...
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    Looks fabulous! Worth the wait in gold. I have an inkling that it will only get better. Still...
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    My turn: UDIM support, transparently, everywhere, especially the viewport (there is this thread here for a little background), have the UV display appropriate background maps in UV view. Universal interoperability of dynamics solvers, especially between FEM and RBD. I expect my dop networks to be as sophisticated and complete as The Matrix (eventually). OpenCL everywhere, support for heterogenous computing environment (abstraction of network distributed, gpu vs cpu), especially for simulations/dynamics. I won't mention rendering because it's soooooo controversial. Radicalization of the procedural, non-destructive philosophy: it's better to have a Houdini Engine inside Z-Brush than to have a Z-Brush cheap copy inside Houdini. To me, even the paint tool is a heresy. MARI does it waaaaay better. Thanks.
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    Orient Pivot along : - primitive normal - edges normal - point normal With the - translate - rotate - scale Manipulators. It is simply impossible to do some modeling without those TRIVIAL operation. Ability to use the ALT key in all hotkeys options, especially the volatile select.
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    Here you go (H12.5): DOP_resetVelControl.hip