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    I promised, that i will publish some source files and here they are. Inside you can find some network from demovideo, from pre work to render. All assets are unlocked(i used its for git), don't pay attention to that. Happy x-mas. Tree_generator_demoscene_unlocked.hipnc
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    How Surface Texture Affects Bloodstain Patterns
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    Hi Florian, This a common thing in Houdini Scaling camera and light can cause this thing. Use the below mention expressions to fix it Unhide scale in camera and origin(opinputpath(".",0), "", "SX") for x origin(opinputpath(".",0), "", "SY") for y origin(opinputpath(".",0), "", "SZ") for z that should do it. Cheers!
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    For starters, the point of a sparse VDB SDF is that it is not defined in the whole volume, just in voxels near the surfaces. The simulation on the other hand is calculated in every voxel of the volume, and needs to work on dense volumes (values defined in every voxel). Simulating on sparse volumes (not just collision, but other fields as well) is a hard problem, I think it has been done somewhere so I guess it is possible, but at least with the current Houdini simulation framework it is not doable. Hopefully at some point in the future In practice, even dense collision volumes are resampled into the simulation grid in Houdini FLIPs, which might sound like extra work at first. You could think of it as a programming optimization deal. When the simulation is run, you need to sample the collisions at simulation voxels in several stages of the sim. I guess you could sample the original collision surface every time, but precalculating the collision volume once and reusing the already resampled surface is most probably a good tradeoff.