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    Hey guys, an important update The working title Helga has been replaced with the final movie title "Skål". The Helga team is now officially the "Skål" team, and we are happy to present you a short teaser for the movie, featuring a staring contest with a medieval hamster that has some anger management issues. FX, Fur, Lighting, Shading & Rendering done in Houdini, Mantra If you scroll down the credits list until "Special Thanks", you will find some names from this forum.Thanks guys!!
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    Heat is a product of the burn field. Burn is generated each frame with something like. if temperature > ignition temp burn = fuel * burnrate Heat is then created with max(burn,heat) and advected. In other words, heat is created at places with fuel and high temperature. Temperature may exist anywere.
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    Dops are exactly that - objects that can store any kind of data, but if you have the 10k plane present in the scene you already have this data stored. Can you explain it a bit further. Why do you need to do this? Is there any real benefit?
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    Could you use a detail attribute with an array holding the group point numbers?
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    You can modify it a and add another Geometry Data to the DOP Object, but to be efficient you have to modify it so much, it is better to do it from scratch. Inside DOP network you have to add another SOP Solver and set its data name. Then add SOP network and Object Merge both DOP geometries. Add 2 nulls that will be your outputs. Then back in dops select Use External SOP on both SOP Solvers and set their paths to corresponding geometry output inside sop network. This way you can create as may geometries as you want.
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    i've always been a bit curious about how to best antialias a displacement calculation. i mean, consider that displacements themselves have a major impact on the shape of the resultant geometry which is what you would normally use as a basis of your antialiasing. polygons that are slivers BEFORE displacement would potentially be hit with a filtering hammer regardless of what they would look like post displacement. without knowing the result of the displacement, it would seem like a distance-based approach would be more fitting...
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    Hello! TRIXTER Film Munich is currently looking for a Houdini Fx artist, to start as soon as possible until at least mid of March + possible contract extension. Project: Feature film for Marvel! Requirements: Production experience with Houdini. To apply, please send us your CV, link to your demoreel and let us know which is your daily rate as a freelance to: jobs@trixter.de Thank you! Laila Sleiman Recruiter at Trixter Film GmbH www.trixter.de