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    This is my attempt to approximate the movement of a drop, based on an input curve and surrounding "static" drops. I consider the pscale, curvature and the sum of pscales that the drop has touched to move the point from top to bottom of the curve that has been slithly deformed to pick up some large pscales around.
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    Hey Farmfield, You could do that using some sort of force, e.g. a curve force or a pop axis force (or anything like that, magnet force,...you name it). I attatched a simple example in which I source particles form a circle and at the same time I am using this circle again as curve force to push the particles away from the curve. Let me know if that is the kind of setup you are looking for. circular_emission.hipnc
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    It works! I've also attached the OTL with uncommented code that works for me. Sesi - you rule :3 servoControl_MK03.otl object_servo.otl