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    - basic environment light, - material gallery glass, - adding area-light, - liquid object with glass material, - enabling SSS in glass material for liquid, - creating a caustic light and low-intensity spot-light as a caustic light mask, - changing Phong to GGX for light reflections. Finally, rendering caustics in a separate pass with glass set as matte and putting it together: experiment_with_glass.hipnc.tar.gz
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    I'm afraid it's not necessarily due to incompetence. Skinning in Houdini is very much behind current standards. That doesn't mean you can't get good results. But is will take a lot of time, workarounds and custom solutions. For instance I recently needed to rig a simple human mesh exported from makehuman app. I had time so I tried both maya and houdini to get it done. (I only needed skinning as it was used as a bit of a glorified proxy) In maya I had usable result within 15 minutes (their geodesic voxel binding with dual quaternion is really amazing), in houdini I stopped after about 3 hours of painting and fixing, because the default weighting is completely unusable most of the time and tweaking 160 capture regions one by one is beyond my patience. (bones were imported from makehuman and the capture regions houdini created for them were humongous). On top of that, without dual quaternions I wouldn't get the same result without extra bones or deformers anyways (it was quite muscular man so I was losing a lot of volume). Of course it's possible that I'm just incompetent too (even though I have done extensive maya rigging in past and rigged around 10-12 character in houdini over the last 9 months). However if that's the case, then it would only be point against houdini, as finding really skilled people is very hard and if software makes it easy to achieve good results with less experienced, hence cheaper people, me and our producer are all up for it. To wrap it up. I totally agree that getting good (let's not even mention fast) deformation in houdini is currently a bit of an uphill battle.
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    Probably left in by mistake during dev Looks like they fixed it: Houdini 14.0.291: Removed debug printf TTMap!
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    Hi. After some research I developed the concept of the surface shader to make shading artist work more efficient. A while ago I have implemented it in VEX and now I want to share it with you. GitHub Features: PhySurface VOP Energy conserving surface model PBR and RayTrace render engines support GTR BSDF with anisotropy (also avaible as a separate VOP node) Conductor Fresnel Volume absorption Raytraced subsurface scattering Artist-friendly multiple scattering (also avaible as a separate VOP node) Ray-marched single scattering Translucency Dispersion Thin sheet dielectric Transparent shadows Extra image planes support Per-component image planes Per-light image planes Variance anti-aliasing support Layered material Nesting material PhyVolume VOP Color scattering and absorption Per-light image planes PhyShader v1.2.0 - download: This is usability release. BSDF has changed to GTR New artist-friendly SSS Added layer support Added metallic desaturation Improved dispersion Materials: Added PhySurface Layered material Added PhySurface Nested material Improved PhySurface material Viewport support UI: New Inside IOR presets menu Changed dispersion presets menu Numerous bugfixes
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    When I started my college, I basically could have chosen to do the programmer track of this study, but I felt my math's weren't good enough for that, so I went with an artist track, now I am a technical artist, using Houdini almost full time, its basically the best job I could have wished for (Kim is probably referring to another individual though), also Happy birthday still, Kim Basically you do not have to be good in complex maths, as long you have a basic understanding of the (logical) framework of maths, you should be good to try vops, VEX, or any shader language. If you have to choose any subject within maths to study, I would go with goniometry, that's what I use most, and simple chance multiplications.
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    And by 'tiny' I mean 'animated gif, hip file, paragraph of text'. What more could you want? Little self-learning thing going from basics to slightly-more-than-basics. Much credit has to go to the long suffering work colleagues who keep answering my idiot questions. http://www.tokeru.com/mayawiki/index.php?title=Houdini
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    Almost exactly the words of one of my best students I've ever had. Even worse, he was told by his former teachers he would never be good at maths. Right now he has one of the most amazing jobs you can dream of in the games industry and he solves very complex mathematical problems. Persevere, be patient coming up with ideas, it is just a matter of training your way of thinking.
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    this is how you use it: // random vectors inside a sphere v@v= sample_sphere_uniform(rand(@P)); // random vectors inside a cube v@v= rand(@P) * vector(2) - 1; // random vectors inside a sphere, with all vectors normalized v@v = normalize(rand(@P)*vector(2)-1); random_vectors.hip also have a look at "sample_direction_cone" it does the same but inside a cone, very handy.
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    One more architectural visualisation work. Entirely done with Houdini. Trees and picker are purchased models, everything else is done with Houdini. Some of the grass is Houdini some painted later. A lot of post-work is there using Affinity Photo beta. This is one of WIP images.
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    here is a new scene file with containers aligned on the path: trail_smoke_on_curve_aligned.hip Dobril
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    Hi gramx I'm Studying Houdin 12.5,using flip tank and white water I watch your work on vimeo .it's amazing ,very nice .I have some queston:how you make the spray/foam/bubbles moving so fast ,flying so high,Add a velocity field or curlnoise field around the object or something other..... would you like share you hip files?Just the under below,I will very appreciate!! http://vimeo.com/64140693 (At time 00:18)