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    Hi Simon, Fuat here. There may be other solutions to this, but if you need it in the viewport also, this should work: curve -> uvtexture SOP (Rows &Columns) -> attribVOP, dive inside, uv->vector2tofloat->fval1 (which should give you U along the curve) -> (input) ramp -> Cd. done. and dont forget to colorize you ramp to your needs one level up, of course. and the attribVOP has to run over vertices, since UVs are vertex-attributes. no warranties, just off the bat. hth fuat
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    you can use the implicit st parameters mantra gives you for curves. t is down the length of the curve, s is across the width. curve_shader.hipnc
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    I'm trying to detect if a group exists in a specific node so it can return a 0 or 1 value for a switch node. According to the houdini help index I should use an OPEXIST expression and mark my group with @group as follows: Returns 1 if the specified node, group, or bundle exists. Usage opexist(op_name) Examples echo `opexist("../box1")` echo `opexist("/obj/@mygroup")` echo `opexist("@mybundle")` But I can't seem to get it to work properly. Whenever I add a @ symbol into my op_name path, it turns green and always returns 0. I've tried to specify the full path and I tried using backticks and several other methods, but it doesn't seem to detect if my groups exist or not. Does anyone know how to use this expression, or if another expression exists that does the same thing.
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    I wrote a Python SOP some time ago that basically does the above mentioned technique of creating points from objects and creates a curve (Polygon/NURBS/Bezier). It uses multiparms so you can quickly toggle controls on/off and whatnot. Nothing special but it keeps it all in one SOP operator. If invoked from the viewing pane it also allows you to select the objects you want to connect. Should also have a helpcard. sop_curve_from_objects.otl
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    Some time ago I stumbling in these problem too. In 3dmax point animation is much faster and easier. And than to solve these problem in houdini I wrote a python script. Copy text and put it on the houdini shelf. Then select a points and click on the button. And here is example of working my script. pAnimmer_example.hip pAnimmer.txt