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    hello all houdini user... this is great place to learn houdini so far..everyday i allways follow these forum.. by the way.. i found this link.. and friend of mine using that software to do that kind fx.. because i really love houdini...i start to adapt that fx in houdini...and start to research for these kind fluid morphing fx. then i found these particle setup..from jk from these forum...and i think thats good for start point.. but ends up when didnt have more time to continued the R&D because some reason.. so, is there any one could help me how these morphing points converted on to flip fluid or particle fluid..and then inherited the point velocity to morphing on to "K" shape..so i can save my ass from my boss. thanks.. i so much appreciate for these one fx..thanks heres's the hip file.. JK_Points_Morph_setupTo_flipFluid.hipnc
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    Did you change the noise P input to world coordinates ? default being camera space if I recall correctly
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    ^Windows 10 aka #theNSAareTotallyNotFundingThis
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    There was a bug in that expression (that's why I mentioned it depends on the version you are using) Friday, January 16, 2015 Houdini 14.0.216: Fixed a bug in the default expression for the Overwrite with SOP parameter on Constraint Network DOP, which caused the constraint network geometry to be re-imported after the first frame even if it wasn't time dependent.