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    you can currently identify what type of ray you are and what level of ray bounces have lead up to the current shader call. what you can't do is determine how many times you've reflected vs refracted... not sure if that's interesting info for you or not.
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    From the tests I have done getglobalraylevel() doesn't work in PBR mode, it always return 0. In fact, it only seems to work with other renderers like raytracing and micropoly when using the gilight. It doesn't take into consideration refraction or reflection and it only counts the diffuse bounces of the gilight. So if you want to work with PBR you can forget about getglobalraylevel() which seems to serve a very specific purpose. Other than that, I tried modifying behaviors based on the return value of getglobalraylevel() and it took ages just to modify color of the rays. I think this function is only used to detect if the ray is a gi bounce or not.
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    I didnt check your file but just an idea, if the RBD pieces are bullet and packed , you can put a pop speed limit to automatically cull crazy max speeds, this usually solves a lot of explosive behaivour
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    Im mostly intrested because it would be an easy way at the moment to get a lot of people out of maya and into houdini instead. Personally I prefer mantra as well.
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    Of course there are a lot of ways to archive small scale shots in houdini using flip, but from far small scale is always better to do it using sph, much more accuracy than flip. From my side i recommend realflow for that, from far! But you can try as Hudson say, to scale up the scene. Best Cocacola Commercial ever! Great work Hudsoninho and David!! .
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    Playing with SDF's. A font object is converted to sdf, and some particles spawned inside. After that, the inverse of the sdf gradient at the point location is copied to the velocity of the point, every frame. animation