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    With regards to the default privacy settings, you can turn pretty much all of the "sharing" features off: http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2015/08/windows-10-doesnt-offer-much-privacy-by-default-heres-how-to-fix-it/ ...you really shouldn't have to do this in the first place, though. You should always have to explicitly opt-out of keeping your data private; the default should be private.
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    Thanks! I followed your instructions and now it works as expected.
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    I completely agree, it can take a lot time to know what each variable does, and the naming conventions (or help cards) don't always help. Personally I have saved out a lot of different presets for a variety of materials. Granted I have always found tweaking the wire solver settings akin to voodoo, I keep sticking in new variables hoping this time it will give me the control I want.
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    I've run into this effect. All I could do was keep up a window of the help page, go back and forth until I kind figured what I needed to change. A set of example ranges for materials would be worth diamonds. Spaghetti, twine, hair, nylon, silk, bungie cord, etc... It's certainly scale and geometry dependent, but that would be part of its charm.
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    if you are trying to make VDB for collisions and if the scale is 100 times bigger ( default maya scale is 100 times bigger) , you may be trying to make massive VDBs with very low voxel size, object merge it to a empty geometry node, it will come scaled and move from there. this will solve the problem if its about the VDBs running your memory out. so at the /obj level hit tab and create a geometry node dive inside and delete the default box object and make an object merge node change transform to into this object and select your object from object1s selection box
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    New one is ready - VEX trails plus vortex-like points movement on given geometry: https://vimeo.com/134057856