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    Something i have been working on recently. I'm still tweaking the geometry, maps and started on the fur. Gonna be doing peach fuzz, eyebrows, eyelashes and obviously hair. Probably various hairstyles because i have tons of reference. I have also been testing different blendshape and corrective methods. I think i have something that works well, best of all it's fast. But more on that when i have developed it more. Zbrush Screenshots - details are separated out into layers so i will be tweaking how much i push them. Base Geometry / Topology So that's the geometry, anything else im sure you will see in other posts. Test render so far - A little saturated and SSS is a bit thick but its a start Default Mantra Surface Shader. Col, Spec, Disp, Gloss, SSS map. Have yet to do an Attenuation map.
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    Yea i was doing hair in MPR standard, but never used the MPR PBR. I did this test in February. And that was all PRB. I tried the MPR and it just didn't look the same. I might try brute forcing it again this time. But i need to know how the sort out the passes because they never sit right. Here is the current look of the skin, with slightly different lighting. Again no attenuation map (just Col, Reflect, Gloss, SSS)... im wondering how much of a difference that will make to the overall look. I know its needed but i feel imm still a ways out from the quality i want. I will try Dany's shader next but its an old version back when he was developing it. Still working on eyebrows and lashes. About 50% done but i think im gonna modeling each one because you need that level of control.