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    Thought this was worth reposting here incase you didn't catch um @ sidefx.com. Shading and Shader Building (Kai Stavginski) https://vimeo.com/142534640 This masterclass provides an overview of new and existing shading features in Houdini 15. This includes an introduction to the new SHOP shaders as well as shading and layering in VOPs. We also take a deeper look at working with BSDFs to build custom shaders. Loops in Sops and Vops (Jeff Lait) https://vimeo.com/142534639 Houdini 15 has introduced a new way to do loops in VOPs and SOPs. This masterclass provides an overview of the new looping constructs. With the new constructs; effects that used to require significant technical knowledge to achieve with Foreach SOPs can now be readily built. Grain Solver (Jeff Lait) https://vimeo.com/142534638 Houdini's grain solver uses Position Based Dynamics to simulate sand. This masterclass describes what that means and re-builds the sand solver from microsolvers. It also provides some insight and advice in how to tweak the grain solver's parameters to get the effects you desire. And follow GoProcedural on vimeo if you're not already. Cheers, Shawn
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    you are not sourcing any points, what you see is just guide set Emmision Type in source_first_input to All Points instead of Scatter Onto Surfaces (as inputs is just points)
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    Its is essentially layered PhysicalSSS Vops to simulate the various layers, shallow/mid/deep scatter depths. Here is the start of some Hair testing.
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    Hey so I didn't have a lot of time to look at your hip file, but quickly built an example instead hope it helps. Basically the VDB from particles is set to velocity trail and I use it to create a VDB from the point attribute V so it gets picked up in the source volume! The hip file explains it better velocity_from_particles.hipnc