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    No cheating this time, only VEX http://beesandbombs.tumblr.com/post/55420432032/dancing-squares dancing_squares.hipnc
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    Had a bit of time to do some googling, the guys at solidangle have done all the hard work already: https://github.com/pedrofe/vr_camera/blob/master/VRCamera.cpp There's code in there for a stereo cubemap (as well as latlong and others), should be enough to get you going. More info: http://pedrofe.com/oculus-camera/
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    WebGL Vortex Filaments - http://david.li/vortexspheres/
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    Generate uv's on the curves before you polywire. Point attributes get transferred to the polywire shapes. curve_uv.hip
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    as Kardonn said it's like that by design however what's worse than additive reflection is additive coat on top the problem with that is as well that the coat slider is scaled by 0.25 so coat at 1 over black diffuse will be at F90 only 25% reflective, which should be 1, you can of course crank that slider to 4 to get more proper result however if you have some reflective or metallic base and then cover with coat at 4 you will get massive energy increase since lower layers are not being compensated for that I consider "Disney" shader more of an artistic hack for animated movies than physically correct shader for photoreal effects and personally I have problem with architecture of Surface Model and other materials as well since many of them are averaging components when their energy reaches over 1 instead of properly layering them.
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    You can always use some wrangle magic (: LandQuestion_Fix01.hipnc
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    Good that NukeStudio didnt win, bugfest galore
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    http://beesandbombs.tumblr.com/post/64965072277/sketchy-thing I should have probably used another method to populate points to avoid the concentrated look around each face centres. sketchy_thing.hipnc
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    When Houdini's interface has burned into your monitor.