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    Field aligned meshing: http://igl.ethz.ch/projects/instant-meshes/ https://github.com/wjakob/instant-meshes
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    you can either hack into Instance SOP replace File SOP with Alembic sop and copystamp frame from some attribute on your points or just let it copy alembics without time offsets while keeping them as delayed load alembics vary primitive intrinsic abcframe on them (e.g. using prim wrangle), that needs to be in seconds though then you can convert to polys as you wanted
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    I made a VEX implementation of this before. The speed is consistent across different contexts, i.e. COPs vs a slice of a volume with the same resolution. Some of the VOPs shown in the video: http://www.orbolt.com/asset/animatrix::reactionDiffusion::1.00 http://www.orbolt.com/asset/animatrix::pointCloudLaplacian::1.00
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    There's a "as code" function which you could just compare differences in text at that point which there are many ways of doing. http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini15.0/hom/hou/Node#asCode Probably lots of ways to skin this cat but that's the first that comes to mind.
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    that would be one possibilty, yes. but depending on the geometry it might be easier to apply the algorithm directly on points or prims without using displacement maps since you won´t need uvs in this case. petz
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    its not dla but reaction diffusion (http://www.karlsims.com/rd.html) the algorithm is quite simple and easy to implement in houdini. do a search here and on the sidefx forum. i believe this topic came up several times over the years, probably with example files.
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    Thanks Manuel ! You saved my characters .ass! I shall be forever in dept. : ) - J
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    SESI had multi-selection in the Tree View working in the beta build of 15, but it caused a problem in selection speed at the time, so it was reverted. Hopefully it makes it's return soon. And yes - I've heard from several people that they think it'll be a definite comfort zone for transplants if the Tree view could optionally show hierarchical relationships instead of the context depth, just like the Outliner. Multi-parent nodes like Blend, etc would probably be reset to the root level, as in Maya.
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    That's the point of this thread really. As you say, if you know any C-ish languages vex isn't hard to read or write, but I had to see a few examples in context to get a feel for it. Was lucky enough to get acccess to interesting production shots at work, but obviously they couldn't be shared. When I saw the tumblr blog that started this thread, and found they were all done in code via processing, seemed a good base to make small examples that'd hone my skillz, and be a good visual library for others. If you find a gif that you find interesting, post it here, I (or others) will have a go. The blog tends to post lots of variations on a theme, maybe try taking one of the existing examples and modifying it into something else. Best way to learn is by doing!
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    WebGL Vortex Filaments - http://david.li/vortexspheres/
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    Personal opinion with small restraints on expressing it. [uP: stabbed with misericord.]
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    Saw this thing come up on my facebook thread today, thought around 1am I'd have a go in houdini... now its 2am and I must go to bed. (click to play) eyeball.hipnc
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    Or you can add shop_surfacepath path to ROP node, this will force mantra to use this shader for all objects.But this should be surface shader, not material.
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    Crazy-ugly solution, but here goes: use the ray's depth/level and crank up the max trace depth. For example, if your wavelengths can be encoded as integers between 0-100, set your max trace depth to 100*DESIRED_DEPTH and mark your ray levels as 100*ACTUAL_LEVEL+WAVELENGTH. Then in your surface shader you can split up the result of raylevel(). Of course, this assumes Mantra doesn't have a low upper limit on the max ray depth you can specify, and it will totally screw up any scenes you have that use raytracing with shaders other than your glass shader Cheers!