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    Hi Guys, After watching 2 film render with clarisse, my desire to replicate this kind of shot with so much geo is now pretty high. It would be nice to get as much advise from Mantra Expert on how to put Mantra on his knees in the most elegant way. http://www.isotropix.com/index.php?to=news&view=viewid&id=58 http://www.isotropix.com/index.php?to=news&view=viewid&id=77 This brings 2 questions : -> How to instance geo in the most efficient way inside H ? As i use Houdini Indie i'm not sure i will be possible to generate ifd and call them and shade them at Rendertime, Like you would do with a tradional RIB Box workflow. So this leave us with instancing directly inside H. To my knowledge you only have 3 ways 1- the copy SOP 2- the new instance geometry node 3- the old instance node that use the copy internally as it is basically the same thing as 1 i will exlude it. From my test the instance geometry is the fatest and most efficient way , but i would be curious to get some external feedback about this ? Maybe i've misse other technics ? -> How to limit as much as you can the load time of insane amount of geo ? Instancing ifd will be i guess the fastest way cause you send geo in Mantra native format , but as we don't have this in indie I would say that Pack Primitive Poly will be our best alternative ? I would be glad to hear as many advise on the subject ... That would be fun to build those kind of huge scene and see how Mantra can compet in those scenario. Thanks for your time ! Cheers E
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    This is my very messy and not very successful attempt. DOP_Rolling_Cubes_Reformation_v02.hiplc
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    Especially for someone with your background who already has a solid foundation in general 3D work, I generally recommend taking a more practical approach. For example, take a project you completed in C4D, and start thinking about how you would translate it to Houdini. Eventually, of course, you'll reach a point where you don't know how to implement some aspect of that project inside Houdini, which seems frustrating but is really exactly what you need, because it puts you in the mindset of solving a problem that you're actually invested in, and not just watching any old tutorial because you think it's something you're supposed to know. Even highly technical solutions start as easily observable problems - when you reach a roadblock, identify what the issue is using as general language as possible, and search around on the forums, through the documentation, etc. for a solution. To circle back around to your example of vectors, say that you found some information suggesting that utilizing vectors in some way could help you achieve a certain result, now you can start delving deeper into subjects like that, because it's not just a bunch of dry numbers anymore but an actual means to an end. Problems are excellent motivators, so go out there and find some.
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    http://beesandbombs.tumblr.com/image/122276988099 This is my result for the "colorcube" which I liked. Im not very satisfied but I couldn´t find another soultion. Maybe I should go back to the circles In the end I fit the timeline in chramps and controlled the rotation with them. Jon colorcube_01.hipnc
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    Same situation here I feel exactly the same. But I think ( hope) its a matter of habit. Houdini is so extremly different but the more you learn the more gripping the sofware is On cmivfx there is a tutorial called " Houdini Fundamentals" its a old one but I liked that very much. I did also lot "Rohan Dalvi tuts" they are very nice. I really can recommend Houdini-cg wiki which is one of my favourite sites. Definitly have a look on this one. kind regards Jon
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    http://beesandbombs.tumblr.com/image/97552062984 dribbblepopular.hipnc
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    friendly blocks friendlyBlocks_v01.hipnc
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    I just updated it for H15. I spent 15 mins on this and didn't have the chance to test it properly so there still may be some problems left. @akima : there is a parameter called Bound Geo on both displaceSOP and wrangleDisp shader. If you still have any problems send me a PM. Cheers! Pavel SOP_SHOP_EdgeDisp_v19.hiplc
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    Thanks everyone! I had some time to work on this a little bit more. So I refreshed the video file. Now it also has a bonus fancy closeshot xD Also I cleaned up my asset and want to share it with you guys. So what is it: Feather system based on wire dynamic simulation. Originally it was based on the fur system but now there is only few nodes left from it. It also has cloth-like behavior to make animation smoother. you can: - paint attributes such as comb, length, density,texture blending. - texture each feather, color all of them using skin texture. - blend multiple feather textures together - ruffle feathers, mystique effect. - supports custom imported curves. For example I created some curves in blender and used them to drive feathers. Some issues for now: - it intersects. Because it is not a cloth sim but the wire sim feathers doesn't know about their neighbors so they can intersect. However when there are a lot of feathers and they all have proper alpha texture you won't see it much. - mystique effect needs to be polished. Just need to add ramp parameter to control bending. Also I want to share it on orbolt. So I would like u to test it and say what do you think. Owly_feathers.zip