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    Hi Diego, Since C++ itself and HDK both have pretty high-level abstraction level, you probably have to be familiar with basic concepts of OOP such is inheritance, polymorphism, and, of course pointers. I'm trying to explain as deep and detail as i can, so i'm sure if you're guy with a technical mind there should be no problem. Anyway i'm pretty much always online in Skype during this course, so any question can be resolved pretty fast. My goal is to break the fear of HDK and show you the real benefits of it, even if vex is a monster this days
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    I'll just leave this one here. Very easy and controllable way to add details to the simulation, that I wanted to try for such a long time. Cheers! DOP_particleVorticles_v08.hiplc
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    1 - For a good introduction to vex expressions and wrangles : http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2512&Itemid=254 2 - To move points along normal , try this: v@P1 = ch("scale") * @N; @P += @P1; or @P += ch("scale") * @N;