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    Looks like a lots of particles creating shapes and volumes with various densities in a thin fog volume. I would use default mantra shading and particles as a light source. Maybe some post glow?
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    Thanks for the feedback, I feel silly. Oh well, at least I learned a little more about coding between 3D packages. When I export a MDD file using the MDD Point Cache it has the same exact file size as the file I exported using my code. Both of them work but I think the built-in node is a little easier to use.
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    tnx man, but solution is in temperature lookup ramp, I found old topic about same problem here, Anyway thank you for your help man!
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    For learning purposes I took the liberty to update the scene for H14 and the new pops - helped me to understand a little about point cloud workflow. Thanks to the original poster tornado_v01_newPops_yader_04.hipnc