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    Hi EVERYONE : Maybe this tutorial is not very short, watch it completely, i am sure that you find new stuff about matrix and you will learn new technique .Hope you find it useful !!! Hossam Aldin Alaliwi more training here : www.hossamfx.org
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    ahh i see, but this would be varying stiffness too? how could affect a certain value of stiffness on this method?
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    I guess that was going to be my next question, what kind of crash is happening? Is it a blue screen? Does Houdini crash or the OS? You mention a freeze, have you opened up the System Monitor to see if your CPUs are pegged at 100%? Maybe Houdini is just working very hard... Does the mouse still move when the system is 'frozen'?
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    With 24GB of RAM you could have mis-matched timing in your RAM chips. Have you inspected their speed using CPU-Z? Also are you monitoring heat?
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    ah, already answered that question not that long ago
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    From the RedShift devs, very likely it applies to everything including this OpenCL performance gain in Linux you're seeing.
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    You can create a template with coloured nulls, a merge node and refer to that merge node from DOPs: opinputpath("../../inputs",4) : refer to the 5th input of the merge wrap into an HDA and with the onCreated script use the extractAndDelete() Python command (I used a button in my example HIP) hope that helps... dop_template.hipnc
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    Having some fun with procedural animation... Two colours only - reminds me of my Amiga 500 days: with two colours and my memory expansion to 1 MB, I was able to animate about 150 glorious Frames in Deluxe Paint :-) Cheers, Tom
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    I've found The Cloud Light rig very slow and not working well with animated cloud. You can cheat that by diving inside the CVEX where the clouds are generated, remap the noise from 0 to 1 or use the final density plugged into a ramp or spline VOP, create as many colors as you want and export it as Ce (color emission). The cloud shader picks up that Ce and generate the emission for you.
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    You mean like this? odf_inside_frac.hipnc
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    Hello! I just wanted to give an update on my houdini project I redid my lost felt, got the rest of the model and I did some shading with mantra. I used substance painter to make the maps and I really like how easy it was to integrate them into houdini! There's a bunch of udims but the whole thing just uses one shader which is awesomely easy! Well.. some more work to be done... !
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    I would basically just do something with a regex cleanup function that converts anything you can't enter manually into _ like Houdini does. def cleanName(name): return re.sub("[^0-9a-zA-Z\.]+", "_", name)
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    here is example file with 4 ways to get group from array (Point VOP, Point Wrangle, Detail VOP, Detail Wrangle) ts_array_to_group.hip
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    I promised, that i will publish some source files and here they are. Inside you can find some network from demovideo, from pre work to render. All assets are unlocked(i used its for git), don't pay attention to that. Happy x-mas. Tree_generator_demoscene_unlocked.hipnc
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    example file attached! petz frenet_frame.hipnc