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    Hi all, I had been doing a rnd project on how to generate knitted garments in Houdini lately. And one my inspiration was from a project which was done by Psyop using Fabric engine and the other one is done by my friend Burak Demirci. Here are the links of them. http://fabricengine.com/case-studies/psyop-part-2/ https://www.artstation.com/artist/burakdemirci Some people asked to share my hip file and I was going to do it sooner but things were little busy for me. Here it is, I also put some sticky notes to explain the process better, hope it helps. Also this hip file is the identical file of the one that I created this video except the rendering nodes https://vimeo.com/163676773 .I think there are still some things that can be improved and maybe done in a better way. I would love to see people developing this system further. Cheers! Alican Görgeç knitRnD.zip
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    Turkish Houdini artist Alican Görgeç is producing amazing knitting work - using SideFX Houdini! If you'd like to find out more about his technique, you can read our new Gridmarkets artist profile: http://www.gridmarkets.com/alican-gorgec.html
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    hi, I've been asked several times about this effect https://vimeo.com/61015448 so here is the hip file with some notes inside. trail_smoke_on_curve.hip Also I have a question to houdini gurus here please: Is it possible to align the containers along the path in DOPs? If I have the tangent and up vector of every cluster point how can I get the orientation of every point from SOP and align the corresponding container in DOP? I've tried Point Position DOP but can't get it to work. Thanks!
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    Hi, I also very recommend the tutorial from Sphere VFX, also adding a bit of theoretical background http://www.tdforum.eu/pdf/2011ntdf_deepcomp_colindoncaster.pdf http://patrickheinen.com/docs/DeepCompositingInVFX_PatrickHeinen_2013.pdf https://www.fxguide.com/featured/the-art-of-deep-compositing/ Nice reading
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    Anything that works on the velocity field, buoyancy lift/direction parameters are basic. Try using the tires as a source to a particle network and set Emission Attribute to v. In SOPS, use a trail sop to set to compute velocity, then wrangle this; float emit = ch("Threshold"); if(@v < emit) { @v = 0; } Particle will only spawn when greater then the Threshold parameter, and emit more the faster they spin. Then source your dust from these particles.
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    You can create a template with coloured nulls, a merge node and refer to that merge node from DOPs: opinputpath("../../inputs",4) : refer to the 5th input of the merge wrap into an HDA and with the onCreated script use the extractAndDelete() Python command (I used a button in my example HIP) hope that helps... dop_template.hipnc
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    Hi Atom, Many thanks for getting back to me and sorry for the late reply - I didn't have notifications turned on for the thread. I actually came across your tutorial before but thought that it was about something different- it's really helpful. I took your method with a couple of filter chops and then a shift chop to readjust the timing and then brought it back into the sop parameter with the % function to make it loop, and that seemed to give the result I was after. Thanks so much for passing this on and for making these tutorials in the first place (I've found others of yours helpful in the past too). All the best! Toby