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    Wow really nice man
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    Hi all ! First Happy new year ! It's First water project I made in Houdini. Simlation and modeling and destruction was done in Houdini. Thx
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    That then depends on whether the parameter in question is evaluated per channel or not. This varies drastically depending on the particular node. In the Lag CHOP case, that's true. So then you can just use a point() expression even.
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    Hey Atom, Attached is a quick example of how I typically cache and re-use VDBs for collisions in the AutoDopNetwork, this one using one of the built-in mocap models and a simple flip tank. As others mention, along with culling your geometry to only the necessary collision areas, referencing cached VDBs into DOPs tends to be easier and more efficient than wrestling with the automatic collision functions. vdbcollisions.hipnc
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    nice sims and color....