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    i don´t know this tool but from watching the video i guess that it uses a non-rigid icp algorithm to match one geometry to another. there is no "out of the box solution" you can use in houdini but it isn´t too hard to wire together something that works in a similar way. please take a look at the attached file. it uses some pre-definded points on both geometries to guide the general alignment and deformation. if you want this to work without any user input it might become more tricky but should also be doable ... hth. petz non_rigid_icp.hipnc
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    In context. https://github.com/teared/meshlab-in-houdini
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    Hi guys, here is a new plugin for you: Hreeble https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hQzy26cGaw Finally we can build a Star Wars ships with a few mouse clicks! Source code and complied version for Houdini 15.0.347(Windows and OSX) available here: UPDATE: Update a video with some new features. Cheers, Alex.
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    Hello! im David and i would like to create a effect like the one in: alice through the glassdor like u can see in these video: i know is imposible to achieve that level but i have the animated curves but my problem is that i dont know how to make the liquid viscous in time so is gonna start freezing after being emited, and also how to say only emit fluid one time not all the frames, the spikes part i already have it1 thanks!
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    string groups[] = detailintrinsic(0, "primitivegroups"); foreach(string s; groups){ if (inprimgroup(0, s, @primnum)){ i@zone = opdigits(s); } } There is no way to delete groups in VEX as far as I know. You will need to add a Group SOP and go to the Edit tab, then Delete and type zone*
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    Hey! Thanks so much for the reply that actually helped with moving it but I was wondering if you had any insight on why it still disappears when I scrub the timeline forward a frame. -- Actually while writing this and writing the error down for you I get on the cloud object nodes after sliding the scrubber forward a frame I figured out what is wrong.. It's because I wasn't running Houdini as Admin... If you knew how many days of straight horrific work I have been working on trying to get th is present done in time and being stuck on these clouds you would realize how horrible I feel figuring this out lol, I wish I had posted here sooner, thank you so much for your post and it helped lead me to the issue and solved another issue as well, thank you!
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    if you are creating a cloud system from the shelf tool, it will merge the original geometry into a new one via object merge node, so the transformation will be stored in the original geometry, try to change the transform parameter to "none", from the drop down menu of the object merge node.
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    Hi, would this work for you? I created an attribute based of the primitive vertex number to hold information coming from the earlier stages of the network graph, passing it all the way down to be used as an edge seam. I also had to add a facet with cusping prior to flattening the uvs because I couldn't get the mold stems to fan out. I was also looking into passing it through a for loop, but I'm worried that the setup would very much slow down even more. What is your computer specs? My PC takes processing of the whole network way too long, I had to scale down your topmost circle SOP in order to work on just a portion of it. Inside the hip file, the one's that I added/modified are colored neon green. Fungus_67_v2.zip H15.5.673 Indie
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    Oh ya, forgot to mention. You can't read the cache back in as sub steps. There has been discussions about it. None worked for me. What i usually do is Cache out using sop output with increment 0.1 and $N. That way sub steps are saved as integer frame numbers; then i read it back in and play it with 0.1 step in the viewport.
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    Yeah I also was unaware of it, lol... I guess if you are really patient it will give you the tooltip when you hover your mouse over a function long enough.. but aint nobody goh time fo dah, imma right ?
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    @acey195, if you write function name, place cursor inside it and press F1, it will open help page for that function.
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    Seems like an advanced tool for me. I think it's not possible in Houdini, unless you'll write such solver from scratch using basic Houdini tools. You need to know algorithms behind this technology. Ray SOP basically does a raytrace. It is somewhat useful to conform meshes with almost identical shape, but it won't give you advanced results like transforming a base state of modeled hand into a gesture from scan. Same problem with point clouds.
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    add a wrangle before it goes into your popnet and you just add this @v = @N * ch("multiplier"); then you will have a slider where you can play how fast you want to push your particles.
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    Hello Everyone, This is a fairly long introduction to Arnold in Houdini.
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    Overlay network view right on scene viewport option And just one hotkey to hide/unlock it...
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    For completeness' sake; at the moment I'm collecting small pseudo-daily tests at https://dailyhip.wordpress.com/ EDIT: also, 1000th post, yay!
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    I want Houdini 17 to make me pancakes with syrup.
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    while you can perfectly use Sopsolver and do it on your own probably easier is to use POP Source, since it already has many options you may want just set Emission Type to All Geometry, then you can type creation rule (like $FF%3==0) directly in Inpulse Activation, use velocity/attribute inheritance, ids etc as well to avoid multisolver, use RigidBody Solver which uses it internally so you'll get nice pre and Post-solve inputs to plug POP Source to, simple and efficient ts_emitpacked_popsource.hip
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    Hi guys, I wanna share a RBD RnD I did recently. I made this after watching the second one of Siggraph 2014 Talk - Art Directing Rigid Body Dynamics as Post-process Fangwei Lee / DreamWorks Animation (http://vimeo.com/100947043) Really appreciate Fangwei Lee helping me https://vimeo.com/106664159 Because I get some messages that want me to share hip file, so here is my scene file wrap_deform_cleanup_ver.hipnc Hope you guys like it Cheers!