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    It should be possible to do using Qt event system if you familiar with it. What you need to do is to install eventFilter to Houdini's QApplication instance, and catch QMouseEvent there. Quick untested code from the top of my head: app = QApplication.instance() class Filter(QObject): def eventFilter(self, event, **kwargs): if isinstance(QMouseEvent, event): if event.button() == Qt.RightButton: # DO stuff return super(Filter, self).eventFilter(event, **kwargs) app.installEventFilter(Filter())
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    Nice!! And 17.5 hours - damn, girl, that's a non trivial amount of work that went into that...
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    Hope, all of you are having a wonderful Sunday I have some great news to share today: a complete 5-volume discounted bundle of Houdini Procedural Lake Houses is now available on Gumroad! It is something that has been asked about a lot, and I'm happy to finally include this option. Enjoy and, as usual, big thank you! You are awesome. Link to Gumroad: https://gum.co/qaEZ
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    @majstorovichyou should check out @varomixtutorials
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    Scene collapsing is pretty common. The problem is basically that you don't have enough particles, so they "succumb to their own weight". Possible solutions are: 1. Add more particles 2. Turn the substeps up 3. Turn up the particle scale 4. If you're on 16 you can try the new "Fill Volume" something in the flip solver, as well the "waterline" options (although now looking at your scene I know this wouldn't work unless you change it) Mind you that 1) and 2) will increase sim and render times significantly and 3) will probably make you flip look "bloby" Now, that aside, take a look how you collisi on mesh looks Not quite what it's supposed to be, right? Now with some collisions from vdb, it looks like this Also, the way you're making your particles isn't wrong, but it's a bid hard to work with because your particle separation and your scatter aren't really connected. By using a points from volume sop you can match them. And that's it Advert.hipnc
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    Hey Graham, and anyone else trying to do this I just put out a video with a little explanation of the gotchas of the process as well as the project that I showed at GDC with source files and an updated HDA (which should be going into the build anyday now) A lot of people have been asking for more info on this, so hopefully this clarifies it a bit
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    Amazing, I was looking into this today, and you've updated it for 15.5 an hour before I arrived here
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    Hello, dear Houdniks! Realizing that at the moment I tend to code more than use Houdini at work, and not wanting to lose my edge, I made a belated New Year's resolution to try to open up Houdini every evening and do a little something, anything, every day. While at it, why not put the daily sketches up; https://dailyhip.wordpress.com/
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    Hi, everyone! I hope, you had amazing Christmas and New Year and it brought you many happy moments and new experiences. For me, it was a great time to continue sharing more knowledge with you and I'm very excited to announce that Volume 4 is out now and available on gum.co/sVtLq PS: I have received some very nice updates on what people are doing with the course and it is very inspiring to see that you bring some of your own creative charge into the tutorial! Thank you for the feedback and I hope to see some more amazing examples
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    The syntax for UDIM files is filename%(UDIM)d.ext where %(UDIM)d takes the place of the frame number. So if you had image1001.exr, image1002.exr, it'd be image%(UDIM)d.exr. The texture fields in the principled shader accept this format, and if you're writing your own shader, the Texture VOP has a parameter to expand UDIM sequences which you'll want to enable.
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    Hey There There two ways to do this one : image.$F4.tif this expands to image.0001.tif two : using cops, pointing to a file cop, make a file cop and then when u specify your background, specify cops instead of loading in a file.