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    It's possible to drag cameras and lights onto the viewport and it will cause the viewer to look through them. It's also possible to write a shelf tool type thing and assign a hotkey to it to cause the active viewer to look through a selected camera/light.
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    Came across these great looping gifs yesterday, all done by David Whyte mostly in Processing. http://beesandbombs.tumblr.com/ All looked like fun things try in Vops/Wrangles, thought others might want to join in. Picked this one to start with, attached is my attempt with a point wrangle ( H15 ). http://beesandbombs.tumblr.com/post/107347223679/columns bees_and_bombs_columns.hipnc
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    Advanced sourcing for Houdini. it’s not only 10-100x faster but also gives more control over sourcing especially when many sources involved in sim. Houdini16 Hipfile with examples included https://github.com/abryutinalexey/vdb_to_field
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    http://www.polyboost.com/features_modelling.htm hello, I remember that polyboost had this interesting feature, "topology", if you scroll down on the link you'll see this description Topology Generate procedural topology on meshes or subobject selection. Good for making all types of brick, wall, mosaic, flooring, stone/rock formations, or sci-fi surface details or even skinlike details. It was long time ago and I only remember that given a selection or an object, and choosing one of those options, it retopologize the selection with those super cool patterns. I think there were some parameters also for controlling the resulting mesh. Anyone knows how this could be done in houdini?