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    I wanted to see if I could play a video in Houdini using some python. With this as the result. Don't think it's the first time this is done but it is still nice to see. The result
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    if (isvalidindex(arr, find(arr, value))) { do this }
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    They did it! Thanks Sesi Houdini 16.0.597 Added VEX functions for working with edge groups: expandedgegroup inedgegroup nedgesgroup setedgegroup Tue. May 2, 2017
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    Some may already have seen it on SideEffects.com, (although they missed the 3rd part there) but the 4th part in the series is now out as well (since 2 weeks) So to be complete, here is the last part of the series for now : https://80.lv/articles/landscape-and-material-pipeline-of-ghost-recon-wildlands/ Hope you liked it!
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    I've tried some approaches, and this one seems to work reasonably fine: https://bitbucket.org/snippets/alexxbb/rnExn
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    Hello everyone, This is a simple introduction to using Vex.
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    Attribute transfer normals from your original geo to the fractured geo, make sure the outside group exists and set destination group to outside. You may want to make sure your normals for inside are correct first.
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    Hi Graham! You can compute velocity and angular velocity with trail sop for example, and use it as initial velocities or create your own custom velocities. Hope that helps! initial_velocity.hip