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    hey all thought i'd just drop a grenade of Houdini work i put together over 2016 & early 2017 - nothing particularly complex - most of this is all stuff i've learnt off this forum and youtube video tutorials by ppl like @mestela @ParticleSkull @Farmfield @rohandalvi the guys at Entagma, Sidefx, and a bundle of other ppl whom i cant seem to tag like Ben Watts - i just want to say thankyou for all your help and tutorage on forums and the time you guys take to put all those epic videos together and encouraging me to learn cheers ant hoob (houdini noob geddit?!) this was my first project set in houdini - following tutorials and clearly inspired by Method (who isn't c'mon) and their video.. I then went away and did some more twiddling with sop based stuff to try some more fun effects - had alot of fun with this one - i love balloon boy lol... this was inspired by all the Hydraulic press channels and just trying a fun few setups... this one was inspired by Erik Fergusons fem stuff... and this one was an attempt to try some fun ragdoll/crowd sim stuff :)
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    http://www.cemyuksel.com/research/lgh/lgh-high.pdf Waiting for SideFX implementation?
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    I was having a problem with unstable fluid sim, after reading this thread just want to say THANKS! :D
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    No Problem! Here is an example for diffusion and dissipation as the material gets closer to the collision object. I hope that this helps! Cheers! Alejandro dissipation_by_collision_proximity.hip
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    Excuse the size of the gif, retina displays and gif capture don't mix. Anyway: -keyboard chop, name first channel 'listen', second 'tap', leave the keys as 1 and 2 if you want -connect that to a beat chop -hit scroll lock, see the frame indicator turn orange (I had to use a virtual keyboard, no scrolllock on my mini laptop keyboard) -hold down 1 to enable listen, tap 2 to set the beat
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    Hehe, looking through your setup, I can't really determine what you're trying to do, but if this is about controlling fragments as if they were particles, you can do that directly using POP forces with packed prims using the RigidBodySolver. I couldn't find the scene file for the setup in the gif above, but it was setup like in the scene file below. bullet.pop.forces.hiplc
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    Convert groups to name, then in foreach by name use attribute promote to detail and back tecnhique to get average value. Or pack by name, then transfer to points, and unpack with color, which is less accurate, but faster. transfer_to_groups.hipnc
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